Travel brands and deals on Twitter: Who to follow

Monday, September 21, 2009

Travel brands and deals on Twitter: Who to follow

NEW YORK — What are you looking for when you follow a travel brand on Twitter? News? Deals? Exclusive offers? And which Twitter travel feeds are the most popular? researched airlines, hotels and booking sites on Twitter and found that of the brands surveyed, JetBlue’s Twitter feed had the most followers mid-September with 1.2 million. Of the Travel booking Web sites DealBase looked at, Travelocity had the most followers with nearly 25,000 and among hotels, Marriott had the most followers with more than 15,000.

Only a few brands surveyed by DealBase post exclusive offers via their Twitter feeds. They include Kimpton, Omni and the Joie de Vivre hotel brands, and among airlines, JetBlue and United.

Most but not all of the hotels, airlines and booking sites do, however, relay news of deals and offers via Twitter that they may also be announcing elsewhere, the survey found. Some also offer customer service assistance via Twitter.

For more details on the DealBase survey, visit

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