why iFart is the Most Popular iPhone App

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, February 9, 2009

Everybody’s farting around, with iFart. No pony and trap lol, its a blast and everyone is talking about it, so do I. It’s iPhone’s top app.  Now why is this new buzz-kid creating so much of noise, I mean for those  nasty sounds. iFart is the most popular, paid app in Apple Store beating the Koi Pond and iBeer for miles. It’s my bit of effort to appreciate or you may say evaluate this prank app. For your information I must add, the day iFart reached the numero uno spot it was downloaded 13,274 times. What’s fuss all about?

With the version 1.1 released and available for download iFart is up with some cutting edge features that has contributed to its popularity. Now you have around 26 fart sound from iFart that includes

  • Predator
  • Burrito Maximo
  • Laundry Day
  • Bombardier
  • Brown Mosquito
  • Silent But Deadly

    Top Features


For more you have the Record-A-Fart to look for. So if you are annoyed with all others you can to record your own farts.

Above all I picked the two most genial features - Sneak attack and Security fart.

Security Fart

This one has some serious business. iPhone is so much of craze so even the kleptomaniacs can’t resist get a hand on it. With iFart’s advanced security feature you might shoo them without a hint.

If the punk wants your iPhone he as to face the music. When he snatches your phone the blast his ears with a Bombardier(one of those funky farts). Next you know how to grill these goons into the gas chambers.

Sneak Attack

This one could be more dangerous than even a Revolver.  Believe the sneak attack can save your life. Think of a situation with those punks after you. The only way to escape is to addle them.

Pull out your iPhone select a iFart sound and set the timer. Screw your courage to the sticking place. Place the phone in a hide and move out stealthly. Once the Sneak Attack goes off the baddies would be thunderstruck. Well, that reminds me of - stop! or my iPhone will shoot.

I hope you weren’t serious about these iFart tricks. Sorry but I used to them to play a few pranks with those booby fellas.

Jokes apart what hit me was that with apps like iFarts making it to the top of iPhone charts, I pity for those useful apps like clippy (copy and paste app) that stands nowhere in iPhone’s darling apps.

Still you don’t have that gut-busting Geek and Poke iFart Mobile cartoon on your iPhone.  I’ll recommend that for you lol.

September 23, 2010: 5:07 pm

I got to see Joel Comm at the o2 arena in london late 2009 where he showed us the ifart app live on stage and the whole arena was in histerics. Can you imagine it, over 7,000 people wetting themselves with laughter, it was awesome.
He also went on to show us all the sort of income possibilities from creating iphone apps and the figures can be staggering. Fun apps tend to sell the most and ifart is evidence of that when it made $27,000 in one day on the app store alone. Well done Joel and thanks for the insight into the industry which i’m now promoting through my own wesite.

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