Your Mac OS X can be infected with virus now

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, June 12, 2009

appleWell, I am sick of people eulogizing Apple’s Mac OS X as the most impregnable OS that ever existed. They have all been straight over the fact that Mac OS X is virus-free. If any virus ever heard was all but a grapevine sprouting in MacRumors’s  News Discussion. For all those overconfident nerds, I would have to say not having virus doesn’t essentially mean the system is immune to viruses. I’d of course agree to the fact that you find virus for Mac once in a blue Moon. The first ever Mac OS X virus was found in February 2006, and last night SophosLabs revealed a message sent to it claims to be the SRC CoDE of new Macintosh Worm.

SophosLabs released the OSX/Tored-Fam, that would provide a generic way to detect the future variants of the Tored family of malware.
Let’s take a look at the contents of the message.

One of the files called ReadIt.txt contained the following text

RESPECT about what are you talking about me (cybercriminal..)
Dont say what you ignore !!!!!!!!

For more there was a new malware that Sophos detects as OSX/Jahlav-C. The malware can hide out what presents itself as a hardcore porn site. The OSX/Jahlav-C is the previous version of Jahlav that eventually runs a Perl script that uses http to communicate with a remote website and download code provided by the attacker.

This is a major concern over Mac security for the Apple team.

Is the Snow Leopard fully secured?

Now that Apple has finally acknowledged that Mac OS X are vulnerable to spyware and viruses threat, this includes the Snow Leopard. To counter the attack such as sandboxing and anti-phishing features in Safari, Apple would be introducing a new technology in Snow Leopard. However,  this is not a 100% solution to protect against malware.

From what it seems to emerge, there are apprehensions of more Macintosh malware attacks in near future.


December 4, 2009: 8:07 am

mmm…for protecting agains viruses I use ProteMac NetMine

June 13, 2009: 4:07 am

That’s too bad. Mac’s strong resistance against viruses is actually an edge for them. I wonder when are these viruses gonna stop proliferating? They’re a real pain to users…

June 12, 2009: 9:20 pm

I’m stick of writers lying about the impact of any Mac malware threat by putting the spotlight on any conceiable threat to Macs and simply hiding facts the thousands of daily threats Windows users face.

Exactly why are the Windows prospects so bright and the Apple prospects so dim? Will fighting off thousands of viruses become simple for Microsoft? And will Apple keel over at the sign of a single, real virus?

Both statements are delusionary.

And why do computer experts continue to recommend Windows PCs for HOME use? How can they sleep at night?

Poor writing, by the way. I recommend a basic course Strunk and White.

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