This is a very simple trick and most of you know about it already. For those who don't, its a real pain to see Firefox browser downloading any file to your desktop by default. You need to move it to your preferred folder each time. The most irritating part is you don't see an option to select a different download location from the Firefox Download Manager. So what do you do?
Mozilla's Eddie Lee has produced an experimental version of Firefox that allowed Mac users to control the browser with multi-fingered gestures in v3.2 Beta 2, which have been made official. gave it a try, and the gestures are even better than those in Apple's own browser, Safari. Here's the list of what you can do, provided by MacRumors.
While Matt used it for his blog to get a stat of the browsers from which people are visiting his blog, we thought of experimenting with ours too. What came out is quite interesting. We are gonna provide you with a two-way picture by presenting the statistics of a technical and a non-technical blog and then show you the comparative study of last two months.
Suppose you want to copy and paste texts from a web page. Though the data can easily be copied (unless that particular website has copy protection) as plain text and pasted to yours, its painful to take all the metadata alongside it. Suppose you want to copy a part where someone has a quote and an embedded link too. What you will have to do is, copy the text then use quote button for that quote part, use link button to link to the proper address and etc. While all these things can seem rather tedious, Mozilla add-on QuoteURLText can do it for you.
Mozilla Firefox needs no special mention to anyone who is associated with internet. Perhaps the fastest and most reliable browser in this world is the most popular one too as they achieved the Guiness Book of World Records for most download in a single day. The key to their success has been continuous improvement of the browser and large committed group of high-quality developers, which Mozilla Foundation could cheaply leverage due to the open source nature of the product. Mozilla Foundation surely do not believe in resting on their laurels. Mozilla Firefox 4 suits the idiom perfectly as it is coming up with some features we could have never imagined in a browser. So let us sneak into that world.
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