6 Reasons To Die For One, The New N-Gage Gaming Experience

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Monday, November 3, 2008

If you haven’t forgot Brother in Arms that I had reviewed a month ago, here I am again with a new cool game of Nokia N- Gage gaming platform. Thanks to Nokia for providing me with the full version of One for review purpose.

I have never been bad with games. I have loved them like anything. So, when I got my hands on another N- Gage game, it took me 1 hour to complete 7-8 rounds and by then I had a pretty good idea what One was all about.That is what I am gonna share with you now.

One Overview

I hope we all are aware of N-Gage. Its a gaming platform for Nokia, especially maintained for mobile phone gaming. One is one such 3D action game where you create your own fighter and indulge in hardcore street fights with different characters as the game progresses. The concept is that, there can only be one fighter. And that is where the name comes from. You will have to try and be that undisputed king of fighters. Kewl?


1. Simple Functionality

N-Gage platform needs a simpler control system and that is perhaps the best feature of it. One does not mess up the gaming experience by playing a memory game with the gamer to make a list of the keys at first. Its very simple to navigate comprising of Left/Right/Forward/Backward on the dedicated gaming pad of N81 by which you can actually go backwards/move ahead/jump up/bend down.

Though some have been disappointed with the lack of finishing moves or different techniques to attack the opponent, I will ask them to be a little more considerate and understand that its only a mobile gaming. Please remember that.

2. Graphics

That is perhaps the most important feature for today’s gamers. The graphics of One is very impressive. You will have to keep in mind that its only a mobile phone gaming platform. You don’t have a dedicated graphics card and strong processors to expect the graphics to be anywhere close to even Painkiller or Doom 3. But within its constraints, N-Gage has done a wonderful job. The fighters look like fighters. The slow motion sequences are mind blowing. So are the backgrounds which never becomes transparent like old computer games with rich graphics. The graphics is a talking point of One where you can choose between different backgrounds too. All of them are detailed and rich. I will give them full marks.

3. Movements

Movements are fast. Depending upon the action modes, they never crack down or seem slow while you are playing. You need to have fast fingers to compete against good players against El Aguila or Fearless or Melissa.

Though they could have had a better finish off. I mean the loser still holds his/her ground at the very end which looks very childish and frustrating if you see your thrashed opponent is as relaxed as you are, after the game, lol.

4. Characterization

Your character is given the utmost importance. You can make your own profile customizing almost everything of your player - from complexion to hair bands to shoes, shirts, pants etc. Everything comes into effect while you see them playing. That is one heck of a detailing N-Gage has managed which is bound to be loved by the gamers. As you go on winning and scoring points, more options are unlocked such as tattoos and all. So Nokia, yet another bright point here.

5. Action

This is one of the most important part of an action game, lol. The actions are pretty good, though they are not impressive. The side kicks, punches, spinning drop-kick, high flying kick everything is there. But practically the game goes on so fast that being a gamer, you only need to be aggressive. If you think and act, you will find yourself retrying for one single level.

One attempts to add depth to its one-on-one fighting system by letting you easily switch between three different fighting styles at the touch of a button, and each style has its own moves. The offensive stance is focused on quick strikes and combos; the defensive stance deals with grapples and counterattacks; and the normal stance is a balanced combination of the other two

Nokia hasn’t evolved from one syndrome of 1:1 fighters’ action game like many other computer games and that is combat techniques. If you are used to these, you will get to know how to defeat a particular opponent with a repeated move. Like say, El Aguila is supposed to be a very good fighter and he is too. But sadly, with combination of waiting and high flying kicks I managed to get him fairly easily. He never had an answer to that or didn’t change the combat style either.

6. Game levels

Here the concept is fairly simple and conventional. You win matches, score points, be fast and more furious and meet better opponents. If you lose to someone who has less points than you, you lose more points and just the opposite for defeating the ones who are ranked higher than you.

The concept is simple. Go and get each and every one of those bloody fellas.

Cool Tips

  • The best tip of a hardcore 1:1 fighting game is to fight and only fight. Do not waste your time for silly strategies. Just use punches and kicks and quick feet and you will be through. Trust me.
  • If you meet an opponent who is very hard to get through (which you will after 3-4 easy ones), find a particular move which they have no answer to. I am sure you will get one. Use it repeatedly and bingo. Use the one I have suggested for El aguila.

One Tournament

Another good thing for you all is, the One tournament has begun. just buy ONE, become really good at it, upload your score to the N-Gage Arena any time from now until the end of November, and the player with the highest ELO on the 1st of December will be the One champion. The top player will win a Nokia N96 phone, a ONE goody bag, 800 NGP, a One icon for their forum profile, and three N-Gage games. The second place player gets a 5320 XpressMusic, a One goody bag, 500 NGP and two N-Gage games. The player in third place gets a ONE goody bag, 300 NGP and one N-Gage game. As if that wasn’t incentive enough, the top 100 players all get 150 NGP. The winner will be notified at the e-mail address they gave when they registered their player name, and by private message in the N-Gage Arena forums. (Click here for the full rules.)

Final Verdict

One is just the straight-out-of-the-block action game you want if you love being fast and furious. With no notable con to share, esp afterall its mobile gaming, One can really claim a place at your N - Gage profile. Fight hard!

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i did not like this game. just did not get anything out of it.

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