Traffic for Smartphone Went Up 193% in a Year

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, March 25, 2010

mobile1 According to AdMob, the mobile advertising network, smartphone traffic is up in a year and feature phone traffic is down. Also, mobile internet service is increasing drastically for the devices like iPod that does not have built in phone. AdMob compares the traffic between Feb 2009 and Feb 2010 in three categories as mentioned below.

  • Smartphones traffic is up by 193% in a year and the share for AdMob traffic shot up from 35% to 48%.
  • Feature Phones traffic increased by 31% in absolute terms. But, their share for AdMob traffic drops from 58% to 35%.
  • Also, traffic for mobile internet devices went up by 403% in absolute terms in a year and their share to AdMob traffic escalated from 7% to 17%.

The statistics further breaks down the smartphone traffic by operating system. Apple iPhone has the biggest share in AdMob traffic that increased from 33% to 50% in a year. Android phone which is growing very fast ranked next in terms of AdMob traffic. Its share increased from 33% to 50% in a year. Nokia Symbian is gradually losing its base and the traffic share went down from 43% to 18%.On the other hand, the traffic growth for Blackberry and Windows Mobile are minimal.

March 27, 2010: 12:24 am

I find that the iPhone is fantastic with all these little apps, being able to do pretty much everything on the move is fantastic. You can attend to pretty much anything, anywhere, anytime! The future has arrived and I love it! :)

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