Apple iPad Encourages an Era of Flash-free Websites

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In a stunning revelation National Public Radio and The Wall Street Journal have created specific versions of their Flash-free Website for iPad users.  Confirmed by Peter Kafka with MediaMemo NPR and Journal, NPR and WSJ will be converting at least some portions of their website to load properly on the iPad. This follows Virgin America’s stance to drop Flash content exclusively for iPhone users few weeks ago. The content providers are taking a multi-pronged approach to Apple’s iPad. The Journal and NPR are both creating App Store software exclusively for the iPad.  The custom-built sites will provide the same content and run simultaneously the mobile and traditional versions of each Website. Interestingly, iPad seems to be attracting the online media inspite the lack of Flash support.

However, behind the scene it seems different story cooking up. Exclusion of Flash support from iPad has been widely criticized. But, it appears to be an intriguing affair that relates to personal disliking of Apple co-founder. In a recent meeting with officials from WSJ, Steve Jobs had allegedly called the popular web standard a “CPU hog” and “old technology“.

Adobe Flash seems to be adding up rivals with Google adding support for rival HTML5 for YouTube. Apple follows the track supporting HTML5 against Flash.

Earlier Apple included support for Flash 4 to QuickTime 5 in 2001. However, it had problems keeping up with latest release of Flash. To add to the situation, Flash releases for the Mac and Windows were delivered at the same time, but the quality of Macromedia’s Mac releases not up to the mark and problematic.

iPad is a much-craved gadget content publishers. With no Flash support Apple must be looking to invent a new era of Flash-free websites.

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