Oz jeweller facing Facebook ban over nipple-flashing dolls

Monday, July 5, 2010

SYDNEY - Facebook has reportedly taken action against a Sydney jeweller for posting stills of unclothed porcelain dolls with bare nipples to promote her works.

Victoria Buckley, who runs an exquisite jewellery store in the Strand Arcade on George Street, had been using the dolls as inspiration for her pieces.

But over the weekend, she has received six warnings from Facebook saying the pictures of the dolls, which show little more than nipples, constituted “inappropriate content” and breached the site’s terms of service.

Buckley said Facebook were behaving like “philistines” and blamed the issue on “American puritanism”.

“Really here we’re talking about nipples on a doll - I’ve got A3 posters of her in my window in the Strand Arcade that have been up for months and we haven’t had one negative comment. The doll herself is in the window,” Sydney Morning Herald quoted Buckley as saying.

As of now, Buckley has censored the images of the dolls on her Facebook fan page but has posted the uncensored versions on a new group dedicated to the doll called ‘Save Ophelia - exquisite doll censored by Facebook.’

“I’ve invested quite a lot of money in this campaign for my jewellery and I’m quite reliant on the Facebook page to get the message out,” she said, adding thousands of people had said they love the dolls and imagery.

“I’ve got another campaign coming up soon with another doll but I don’t know what to do,” she said.(ANI)

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