Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro Increases Web Traffic by 400% in 3 Months

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Translator plugin pro traffic increaseSue Cline, one of our valued client, tested the effects of Translator Plugin Pro, a plugin to automatically translate your blog to 13 (with version 4.0; currently in testing) different languages, on Jen Burke’s Transcending Gender blog since October. They found over 400% increase in site visitors and over 150% increase in links crawled by Google. Find out how you too can legitimately increase your site traffic and ranking.

Read her detailed analysis here.

She concludes:

I believe this firmly establishes translation as a safe and effective traffic-building tactic.

Angsuman and his team have been great to work with - it was a fast install and required minimal tweaking from our end. The plugin is also fully supported, so our 2.0.5 upgrade was a snap. At $30, this is low-cost/high-return upgrade worth making.

You too can avail the same benefits by getting the plugin here.

January 5, 2007: 6:19 am

I initially had problems, but Angsuman very kindly took a look at my blog and optimised the plugin, as well as giving me many other useful tips. I now thoroughly recommend this plugin.

December 14, 2006: 10:54 pm

[...] Notice the flags of different countries on top of our website? Yes, these buttons translate the pages into your language. Soon, we will have up to 14 lanuages support translation. Although the translator does not translate like a real human being, it does okay for being a machine. Our web traffic jumped about 5 times as far as search keywords on google. So the bottom line is, if you have a wordpress blog, we recommend this cool plugin from Angsuman. He’s been giving us some updates and fixes every now and then which is cool. Now 40% of our web traffic comes from all over the world.  Whereas before, it only came from the US.  The translator doesn’t just translate your blog pages, it also does a SEO, search engine optimization. Check it out here Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro now supports 14 languages (English, ) as base language of the blog in version 4.0 (currently in testing). Previously it supported only English as the base language of the blog. Not only that, in version 4.0, it also provides translation for each these 14 languages to 13 other languages and with choice of at most three translation engines for each languages pair and with multiple modes of translation.Note: Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro provides automatic machine translation of your blog in fourteen different languages - German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Swedish and Chinese. It is search engine optimized, supports WordPress widgets, uses nice permalinks, super-fast (cacheable), scalable and lot more. arabic, Blog, chinese, DoItYourself!, dutch, german, greek, italian, japanese, korean, portuguese, russian, seo, spanish, swedish, translate, Web, wordpress, wordpress translator, Zedomax     View blog reactions [...]

December 13, 2006: 10:36 am

[...] Translator Plugin Increases Web Traffic by 400% in 3 Months Translation Matrix of 14 Languages Supported in Translator Plugin Pro Version 4.0 December 13th, 2006 by AngsumanChakraborty [...]

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