5 Benefits of Using Facebook Connect

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, June 12, 2009

<b>Facebook</b> ConferenceWell, Facebook Connect is not just a bright piece that makes your log in breezy. It has transformed the way we interact in on a social network. It not only enable you log in to many sites with your Facebook ID (Open ID), but it also pings back your participation (if you allow it to) to your Facebook profile. Facebook Connect is an honest attempt from Facebook to allow its members access to Facebook user data outside Facebook itself. Connect keeps you connected with your Facebook identity, friends and others at any website. Whether for business, blogging or socializing Facebook Connect could be beneficial for users in various ways. Out of the lot, we sorted out top 5 benefits of Facebook Connect that can be of real help.

Faster Log in

For those who are still sticking to the social network fatigue can now put their tongue to rest. With the Facebook Connect the procedure of registering for site, creating a profile and connecting with friends can be accomplished with just a click. Facebook Connect saves a lot of your time by allowing you log in into different sites easily. For any mainstream web user its always great to skip the registration, especially if you are running short of time. Once you log in into Facebook via Connect your profile is much more relevant and target oriented. Let’s a retailer can feature the merchandise based on profile details like location, age or even brands that the user appreciates.

Higher value for user generated content

Facebook Connect allows you access to a vast amount of data on the websites with just one click. Using this data the sites may even redefine the way they display user generated content. Now if you are going to shop for an audio system on Amazon, access to the reviews of various people and most importantly your friends can be crucial.

Access to friends

The users of Facebook Connect can take their friends with them whereever they go in the Web. The developers can add rich social contexts to their websites and they can show which of their friends in Facebook already has an account in their site.

Connecting to Blogs, Digg and more


Facebook allows you to linkup with any blog or Web site posting to your profile. I tested it for social networking site Joost that has the system set up. One click on the Facebook logo and you are signed in. Drop in a regular comment with everything with your Facebook identity in place. The relieves you off the hassles of entering email address, uploading pictures etc. Again, just now, Facebook connect has been integrated with Youtube too. So all the more reasons to rejoice, no?

Get Branded Without advertising

There was a time when the online media was dominated by big portals and people had to spent hefty sums for ads and unique sponsorships on the sites like Yahoo. Now Facebook Connect isn’t a advertising buy, but it can play such a role for you. The brands can push their content into Facebook’s viral channels by allowing the visitors post news feed stories, status messages, photos, events and more without having to leave the website.

Facebook Connect interaction can be used for meaningful exchange of content  and not compelling the users to post to Facebook at every turn. If any website provides enough reasons for the users to post content to Facebook, it can do a world of good for the brand. This might result in a high Facebook traffic.

The bottomline is that when the brand is endorsed through Facebook Connect the impression is that of individual  product and not an ad tune-out.

What’s more you can now available for iPhone.

December 14, 2009: 3:34 am

It is pretty obvious to me that by the end of the year the vast majority of websites will already have Facebook Connect integrated and the sites that haven’t yet added it will begin to suffer as the wave of users making use of it will be even less forgiving of additional logins..

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