8 Tips for Grooms Guardians in Arranging Bengali Boubhat

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Sunday, January 20, 2008

I am just back from a Bengali wedding and I am writing this post after gulping some super strong antacid. I had a bad experience. My tips for groom’s guardians:
1. Please spend sometime to greet people and do that sincerely. We all know it is just courtesy and you may not even like to do it but just do it and do it properly this one day. Make them feel at home.

2. Don’t have the Bohu (wife) sit on a big pedestal / mancha / podium. It just looks strange and rather awkward. Why not have her sit somewhere comfy?

3. Don’t assume people are there to eat and so don’t spend your only time with them describing where to get food. I eat better food everyday at home, thank you very much.

4. Tell your caterer to go light on oils. Today the meat was super small pieces of solid material (hopefully goat meat) floating in a ocean of oil. There is no unwritten rule that wedding items have to float in oil and also have to be super-spicy.

5. Don’t experiment too much. Standard ice-creams are good not kulpi.

6. Never invite far-off friends. While it may sound good, in reality they are bound to feel awkward as they don’t know many people around to strike a good conversation and have a good time.

7. Check the reputation of the caterer. Today’s caterer sucked BIG TIME. They are named Rana something and are based in Garia.

8. Don’t sent scanned invitation cards by email. That is just plain cheap.

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