Does Smartphone a Growing Problem for Already Choked Network?

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mobilenetwork1   The chief executive of Vodafone remarked at the largest mobile network operator’s meeting at Barcelona that Google should not be allowed to dominate in the area of smartphones. In order to succeed to be successful in this industry, application developers, search and operating system owners need to new business models that enables the operators to continue to invest in new and faster networks. Although, handset makers, chip makers and service makers are witnessing massive business gain in their respective areas, The need for network improvement is left to the operator.

“Find a way to say yes, not no is our thesis,” Chief Execitive of Google later told journalists. “We need them to go ahead and invest these enormous amounts of money at great risk and in return they need us to continue to build powerful new reasons to upgrade the connections and get a new phone.”

Google chief executive also commented that they rely on services from the operators and they need to work together for further network improvement. lackBerry-maker Research in Motion Ltd said that they are already aware of the data problem. That’s why smartphone manufacturers must develop products that takes lesser bandwidth or risk in the already congested airwaves. As users are increasingly moving from traditional cellphones to netbooks, wireless modems and feature-rich smartphones, wireless data traffic has increased significantly and is threatening to saturate network capacity, co-CEO Mike Lazaridis told Reuters in Vancouver.

Spain’s Telefonica SA and Verizon are considering to charge the search engine. Further, Cisco expects that the data traffic is going to be double each year for the next five years and video making will take two thirds of mobile data.

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