Facebook Brings Privacy Control to Complement its New Feature

By Mayuri, Gaea News Network
Thursday, August 19, 2010

Facebook is one of the highly demanded networking site today. It is introducing a galore of new features every now and then. The most recent of them is the Facebook Places feature. This exciting feature allows you to track your friends location and search new destinations. It also allows you and your friends share each others location online. Though it seems an interesting feature , which is creating frenzy reactions among the users about its privacy policy.

The new feature of location-based service has come up with a set of controls to give the best benefit of this feature. The users can know the whereabouts of their friends along with sharing its own location unlike other location-based services.

To boost this feature Facebook has introduced a set of privacy controls. Users can customize the number of friends with whom he wants to share its whereabouts. When the users tag other friends in the status update, then there appears an two options for the friend, ‘Allow’ or ‘Not Now’ whereby the friend can decide with whom to share location.

For third party applications, wanting to access information have to request for permission for it first. Don’t you think that is no point in criticizing Facebook on its privacy settings. Share your views with us!!

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