Falcon 9 Reaches Orbit

By Sayantika Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Saturday, June 5, 2010

CAPE CANAVERAL (GaeaTimes.com)- Falcon 9 which was released into the space on Friday has successfully completed its maiden flight. This was the second attempt of Falcon 9 to fly off from the launchpad after a previous attempt was called off due to engine problems. Falcon 9 is the very first aircraft that is all set to carry the astronauts to the International Space Station. However, it was told by a SpaceX spokesman that the rocket shall have to go through some additional tests which shall have it ready for it’s operation.

Falcon 9 blasted off on Friday from the Cape Canaveral space station and reached the orbit at 160 miles. However the experts were not able to figure out the exact figures for the altitude. Falcon 9 shall soon see itself as the official vehicle carrying cargo to and from the International Space Center by the year 2011. Charles F. Bolden Jr. who happens to be the NASA Administrator called the launch of Falcon 9 to be an important moment for the NASA as well as all American space research. He also said that Falcon 9 shall soon have it’s final check done and within the next year it shall be ready to carry both astronaut as well as cargo to the International Space Center.

Its been a year since NASA has been trying to carve out more and more number of personalized aircraft to ease the process of journey to and from the International Space Station. With the successful launch of Space X Falcon 9 it shall be the first major step towards the fulfillment of NASA’s objective. Following the launch of Falcon 9, Lockheed Martin as well as Boeing also have plans to join hands with NASA.

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