18 Ways To Become a Real $ Millionaire in a Virtual World - Second Life

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Friday, October 3, 2008

What do you mean by a virtual world? A place where you can come and work and chat and play and leave. What if I tell you about a whole new world where you can live, breathe, play, sing, dance, do every damn thing you can do in this (sorry?) life of yours? And what if “I make you an offer that you can’t refuse?” No I am no Godfather. Today, let me take you to a virtual world where you can be a REAL millionaire! The world I am talking of, may seem nonexistent unless you bump into your Second Life. You can earn real money from a virtual world and loads of it. You can be a millionaire in less than 2 years! You can earn hefty amount just by spending some time in the internet and you can even rule a world (let it be virtual for now) of your own and make your own rules. All of them and more @ Second life. And here I am with not 1 or even 2 but 18 unique ways to guide you to a hefty check in US dollars through Second life. So start living now!

What is Second Life?

Second Life is a virtual world where you can live and perform virtually everything and earn real money out of it. Its a free downloadable client program where the signed in users are called Residents. They interact with each other through motional 3D Avatars, providing an advanced level of a social network service. Residents can explore, meet other residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, and create and trade items (virtual property) and services with one another and can also exchange that money with REAL currency.

What do I need to start?

You need almost nothing to enter into this world of opportunities. A computer with a moderately good internet connection and a few bucks (6 $ per month for premium membership, optional) is what you need as your initial capital enroute to being a successful businessman or in future a Millionaire!

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Why Should I Join

  • Because you are already late by more than 15 Million people!
  • Because Second life has more than 10 Million US $ of cash exchange every month!
  • Because Reuters isn’t crazy enough to place a dedicated reporter 24*7 for Second Life news only, unless it is THAT happening and important!
  • Because they have their real Millionaires!
  • Because companies like IBM and General Motors have already made their presence felt in Second Life and the flow of MNCs have just started!
  • Because YOU can be a real millionaire there too. If not now, when?

Aren’t all these reasons enough?

Start Making Money

Second Life (SL) residents make any business transaction with their own currency of L$ or Linden Dollars. Though it varies, but approximately for the time being,

270 L$ = 1 US $

If you join with a premium account (i.e. paying 6 $ per month for your account), you get 1000 L$ as bonus start up and also 300 L$ for weekly stipend. To know more about there accounts and the facilities, see THIS

Where Do I Start?

You start as a normal resident and then you progress with social interactions, business strategies, public interactions etc. The market is up for grabs. You just need to present your marketing ideas and you will be rich. As real as your own life, no?

Ways to Get Real Rich

Real Estate Developers

This is the biggest source of income at Second Life. The first real millionaire Anshe Chung is in the same business and it took her only 30 months to reach from 10$ to 1M $. Aren’t you inspired? Let me tell you how

  • Buy lands from SL .
  • Construct buildings upon them.
  • You can design them on your own or you can hire expertise.
  • Rent them to different people or organizations (who will pay you in return according to your rates) .
  • Sell real estates to others.
  • Make good profits, buy more, construct more, sell more. Grow your real estate.

Don’t expect yourself to be a millionaire within a week or so. Hard work and good plans always pay off! Here is an EXAMPLE

Start a Credit Card Company

Yes, you are right. In this world of Second Life, nothing and I mean nothing should surprise you. You can even start your own credit card company too just as metacard has done.

Now it has in-world ATMs too. You can charge interest rates, make different categories like GOLD, Corporate, Platinum, Silver etc. and so on and so forth. Only what you need is a real life credit card and some good business sense.

Join Real Estate Agency

Real estate agents are the most sought after people any given day. Suppose you are a stranger and you are in need of a house in an unknown place. Suppose you want to sell your house and you don’t know anyone in particular who is interested. Who would you turn to? The real estate agents. So why don’t you become a realtor?

  1. Join big Real estate companies like Dreamhouse, Livingstone.
  2. Keep a personal check on your neighbourhood.
  3. Know your prospective buyers and probable sellers
  4. Take them to sites, make deals and earn money.

Once you are well known, you don’t need to worry about the inflow of money. Just do your work sincerely and it will earn you loads of bucks. And what’s more is, you do not need to go to a place in real, all you need is a keyboard and a mouse. You can save your time and energy and efforts considerably and still earn real money. What more can you ask for?

Own a Designer Shop

Do you have a knack of fashion designing? Do you think that you can be the next Giorgio Armani of Second Life? Then what are you waiting for. Come and open up a shop there. If you can make your designs noted, then stylish and kewl avatars will certainly come to you to buy your products. Beauty has a price and people are ready to pay that for designer clothes. The question is, are you ready? If you are, then start doing it now. Because hundreds of shops are already here along with big names like, Giorgio Armani himself.

House of Nyla

Stock Exchange and Banking

You can work for Stock Exchange servers (World Stock Exchange), trade shares, test your fortune from listed companies. I wonder what else is NOT there at Second Life!

Can you imagine that you can work for private banks too! such as SL Investor’s Bank. You can invest, take loans, make deposits and etc.

My reason to list them in the same category is simple. They may provide you real money but they can never replace a real system. Second Life is a place without legal obligations and procedures. So before you invest please be aware that such financial systems may crumble down anytime leaving you as a pauper. So think twice before indulging.

Earn from Entertainment Industry

Building and selling objects is not the only way of making money on Second Life. There is a large service and entertainment market inside it. Second Life entrepreneurs can buy land and build amusement parks, dance clubs, theaters, vacation resorts etc. and put in admission fees, advertisement fees, daily charges etc.

If you are hesitating then these informations should comfort you:

  • Sun Microsystem hosted a Q&A session on an upcoming Java release in their Second Life amphitheater!
  • Different night club owners have frequently charged heavily for hosting big parties!

Design and Sell Avatars

Well if you are good with 3-D modelling or if you are good with designing, then this may be the right source of income for you. People are always looking for new and unique faces which they want to identify with themselves when they step in the world of Second Life. If you can make good avatars then you are game for a big income, pal.

I know a person who came into Second Life for fun and is now making more than 2000 US $ per week by creating different animations and avatars. So don’t you want to be the next person whom I will refer to in my next column?

If you are good with programming, then take a look at LSL script and start making money from innovative animations and moves that you can provide the avatar with.

Start your Own Car Company

If you are an automotive manufacturer, then this is for you. Set up a real good startup car company and bring in irresistible new cars with great design and high speed. People can not but buy them. Most of the big brands are already here inside Second Life. Come and race with them.

You never know, even if you do not want to start a company, then work for them as engineers. Make new models and get paid in return. Its as real as real life. Let me share a graph of how and when automobile industry came in Second Life. Thanks to Kzero for that.

More Ways to Make Money

  • Minimum Wage Jobs

You can make money just by relaxing! yes, nothing is impossible at Second Life. you can earn 3-4 L$ per 10 minutes just for being at a particular place. The reason business owners will pay you just to be there is that people go to second life to meet new people and chat with them. The more the traffic, the more popular will it be and hence wider reachability.

  • Work for Others

Take up a Job. An entrepreneur can offer you a job just because he wants to show his organization’s larger acceptability.

  • Party and Wedding Planner

There is this option too. Many Second Life residents give a damn to their real life marriages. They meet up new people and search for a suitable bride/groom. You can cash in on that. Plan a gorgeous party or a wedding. You are rewarded money for the event management.Isn’t it kewl?

  • Be an Architect

If you are a student of architecture, then again, you can profit from it. Be the architect. Make designs for real estate developers or simple house owners. Tell them your charge. Get paid!

  • Be a Coder

If you are a good coder, then sell your scripts that are innovative to residents or even the Linden Bros. If you are good enough, they are going to pay you.

  • Freelancer

If you are a freelancer then no worries again. Write for popular newsletters and get paid as you do in real.

  • Tour Guide

    If you are a tour guide, then take those residents to tours as the real guides do with travel agency. Earn money from there.

    I remember seeing a tour advertisement which had planned to take people to show virtual Solar Eclipse at Mongolian Border. Can you believe that?
  • Dancer or Musician

    if you are into tunes and rhythms, then by now you know where to go. Go to some club and if you are good enough they will hire you for performances. You will atleast be earning a few bucks from there.

  • Magazine
    If you want people to read your works and thereby earn money, then you can start up a magazine, give good advertisements and draw people towards it. Then you can start your own publishing house too depending upon the popularity.
  • Publicist
    Are you good in HR? then help celebrity people who aren’t and in need. Be the publicist. and earn from them.

Any catch?

There is no catch,but you have to do real work to earn money even in virtual world. However as it is largely unexplored yet, you have a much better chance in making a real good living and do it much faster too.

In conclusion…

There are innumerable other ways to earn money and get rich from Second Life. Its like an alternate existence, an ultimate portrayal of your real life into the virtual one. So, start your second life right now. This is an evolution of a kind and remember, very lucky few get a chance to start a Second Life. So why waste it? Ciao.


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