How to Increase iPhone Battery Life by 4.5 Hours with Mophie Juice Pack Air

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Thursday, February 12, 2009

iPhone users have always had the concern of battery life. Its like there is a delicious platter of items (esp with the wonderful music experience, photo viewing, video, 3G technologies) for someone who just had a heavy lunch. You can’t resist but you will have to anyhow. What’s the way out? Some of my friends even carry a backup battery in their pocket. But that is a poor man’s solution. I wanted something that will come with the iPhone.. While most of the juice packs were just ugly and weren’t fit enough to fit into the eye candy, I found one notably better and significantly boosting my iPhone battery life - Mophie Juice Pack Air. I actually had a 4 more hours of iPhone un-interrupted only because of this.

What’s So Special?

Aside from providing full protection, a newly integrated power switch allows you to put the juice pack air™ in standby mode to conserve juice. Only use the battery when you need it.

The battery is 1200 mAh and virtually doubles your power in the following ways:

Additional Hours:

Standby Time: Up to 270 hours
Talk Time: Up to 4.5 hours (3G) Up to 9 hours (2G)
Internet Use:
Up to 4.5 hours (3G)
Up to 5.4 Hours (Wi-Fi)
Audio Playback: Up to 20 hours
Video Playback: Up to 6 hours

Get It

Note: You can get a FREE shipping if ordered before Valentine’s Day!

March 6, 2009: 6:19 am

Hey… I have recently read this post which says that a student manages to increase iphone battery life by 12 times… How is this possible…

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