iPhone 3.0 Software: What’s New, How to Install - Everything You need to Know

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

appleiphone3_013500x375If you are seriously interested in iPhone 3.0 Firmware upgrade that was published this morning, you need to upgrade it right? Well without jailbreaks, its possible to upgrade to iphone 3.0. I will show you how to do it in just 5 mins. So don’t worry. let’s first see what are there in the iPhone 3.0 software update which is still in BETA phase mind you but well worth the use.

What’s New in iPhone 3.0

1. MMS: Thank god, at last MMS feature!

2. Cut, copy and pasting: If you have always wondered why there was never a c-c-p feature in iPhone now it is. With one touch of the screen, you can now copy text from emails, notes and websites and paste them into any application. You can also delete newly pasted data by shaking the iPhone and selecting the option from a pop-up window. Which is right from the Job’s books I guess.

3. P2P: This comes as a surprise but peer to peer technology can be used by iPhone developers from bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. You can also play multi-player games with cool speed.

4. Third-party add-ons: Third party add-ons are given more value here. Glucometer et al will be a welcoming addition to iPhone 3.0. So will be for developers who can now log on to app store and make cool apps.

5. Spotlight: Searching gets more enhanced with iPhone 3.0. The users will be able to search their entire collection of applications and music, as well as email and notes.

6. Enhanced GPS: The true potential of iPhone’s GPS will be unlocked now. Thanks to the new turn by turn navigation.

How to Install the New iPhone 3.0 BETA Firmware

1 Sign up as a developer on https://developer.apple.com/iphone. You need to pay $99 to be a member of the developers group. if you are really interested to know about inside stuffs then that price is not too much I assure you. And again with the new developers’ store for iPhone 3.0, it will be cooler. You will also get access to a vast array of documentation, videos and code on the apple iPhone developers site.

2. Apple will take 24 hrs to upgrade your status. Now you need to download two things.

  • Download the iPhone SDK if you haven’t already. Spare yourself of the trouble if you have an older version already installed.
  • Download the DMG for the iPhone 3.0 Software

3. Open the DMG with the IPSW image. Open X-Code and find Organizer window. Plug in your iPhone and it should be up there, click on it.

4. In the place where it talks of software version, select other version and browse to your new DMG with IPSW image.

5. Press Restore (Its always good to have a backup of necessary files and contacts inside your iPhone before that)

6. Open iTunes when your iPhone restarts and it will activate again, allowing you to make calls etc.

You are done. Enioy after a restart.


June 10, 2009: 12:41 pm

if u install the new software on ure phone do u loose all ure apps?

April 22, 2009: 7:17 pm

Hi folks, we are looking for beta testers to install iPhone OS 3.0 firmware and test our applications. If you are interested and would like to try it before this summer, you can join us here : https://tinyurl.com/macgeekblog


April 15, 2009: 8:48 pm

I downloaded the SDk but was not told of the DMG. Where is that located and what is the IPSW image?


March 28, 2009: 7:44 am

Of course. depends upon the OS though. Which one do you have?

Soumya Sinha
Simple Thoughts

Nuno Queirós
March 28, 2009: 2:17 am

Is it possible to install iPhone OS 3.0 from a PC?

March 26, 2009: 9:28 am

Corrected. Thanks.

March 26, 2009: 9:19 am

You have a typo in Step 3.

March 20, 2009: 12:14 am

My iPhone doesnt show up on the organizer screen, where do i go from here? :(

March 19, 2009: 3:36 am

I downloaded SDK Iphone 3.0 beta and installed it and it asking to activate the phone, and I am not able to do it.

Bill Hendrickson
March 18, 2009: 6:13 pm

The full potential of the iPhone GPS can already be unlocked you just have to do it yourself, if you jailbeak your phone you can get xGPS which is a turn by turn GPS. It has been available for a month now and from what I have seen it works pretty darn good. I am excited for this new update, and am very grateful that Apple have finally made these changes, and I am a huge Apple fan, but people are praising them way too much for this update. It is nothing new and should have been done a year ago. Apple have been lagging behind the jailbreak community ever since App Store came out, they need to get ahead of them and crush those guys!

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