I Hate Origami - Futuristic Laptop From Microsoft [Rant Ahead]

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Friday, March 10, 2006

I have heard and seen enough of Origami, the futuristic laptop from Microsoft. I went through the apparently secret video of product advertisement, I have seen numerous pictures of origami and I have decided. I hate it.

Origami is yet another monstrosity from Microsoft (with due regards to Windows). It is a clumsy product to carry in your hand. The ultralight tablet computer is several things rolled into one case. It is a laptop, a tablet pc, a media player among others. However it simply isn’t something I would fancy to carry with me. It doesn’t look robust for me to sit upon (yes I am fat) or use as food tray.
Neither is it going to be a conversation starter. It is easy to slip from your hands, doesn’t fit in your pocket nor can it function as an effective weapon. I am serious. I am happy with my IBM laptop 600$ laptop cum tablet PC. It fits nicely in airplane seat tray, even when the passenger in front is reclining in full. I can use the attached notepad to scribble and it copies it to the computer. I can write my todo list in plan text and have numerous other goodies. If I ever want to switch it should be for something better or nicer looking, not a flat ugly product.

Microsoft should send its visual designers to Apple for rigorous training in the art of nice design. They may decide to leave but that is a risk they will have to take. Microsoft simply doesn’t know how to design nice looking functional products, Apple does.

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