IBM Introduces New Virtual Desktop PC Architecture

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Friday, December 5, 2008

With the IBM Virtual Client Solution, users are free to move about their physical surroundings and maintain secure access to their PC desktop from any client device at any time.

IBM came out with their new virtual desktop PC architecture on Thursday. IBM on Thursday said it is working with partners Virtual Bridges and Canonical to develop a Ubuntu Linux-based virtual PC solution. According to them, this whole package will include

  • Virtual Bridges’ Virtual Enterprise Remote Desktop Environment (VERDE)
  • Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux desktop operating system
  • IBM’s Open Collaboration Client Solution software, based on IBM Lotus Symphony
  • IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus applications.

The solution looks promising indeed but the biggest potential problem is the fact that it is a bundle, said George Loridas, South Central territory manager for Ryjac Computer Solutions. You never know if one component of the system changes, then you may have to change the whole system.

An even bigger problem is the ignorance of mass in this issue. Virtual PCs are so new, you do not know how severely its gonna hit the market. Though its not directed towards all, one of the big advantages to moving to the new solution is that there is no need to upgrade customers’ PCs for new Microsoft operating systems.

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