Internet Explorer 8 Add-On: Report webpage problem

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, June 8, 2009

ie8Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) is suffering from rendering issue or scripting error on some web pages you visit. What better can you do except to send an email to Steve Ballmer asking for a solution. lol. If not exactly that now you can take on your complain about IE web browser to Microsoft. The company would be providing a Report a Webpage Problem Internet Explorer Add-on. The new addition will allow the users to submit their report to Microsoft for webpages that have rendering problems, scripting errors, or any other type of problems in IE8. However, the add-on might be removed from the Microsoft Download Center at any time.

After installing the plugin, you need to restart the IE 8. With the installation Report a Webpage Problem Internet Explorer Add-on appears as a toolbar button. In the Tools menu you can see a Report a Webpage Problem. In order to submit the a malicious website to Microsoft click on the toolbar button or choose the menu item. The add-on ActiveX control takes a screenshot of the web page that you are currently viewing and opens it in a new tab with a report submission form. At the bottom you will get a scaled version of the screenshot.

The user can choose to add a full-sized screenshot to the report. In case, you wanna avoid it choose No for Include Screenshot. Further, the users are allowed the choice to select the category that represents their more precisely. For this they can type in a 1000 character limit report in the text field provided.

The report sent to Microsoft include additional data provided below :

  • The protocol type (http, res, file, etc.) of the URL being reported
  • A numerical value representing the Document mode
  • The complete URL

In Windows Vista, the IE runs in protected mode. You must allow the Microsoft Applications Error Reporting to open outside protected mode to carry out the submission. The add-on will be available for a short span after the IE 8 RTM.

Report a Webpage Problem IE 8 Add-On from Microsoft Download Center


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