SYSPRO ERP Software Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, May 11, 2009

sysprologoSYSPRO was one of our top 10 ERP software solutions.  The software giant is internationally recognized for providing enterprise business solution. It’s turnkey solutions are designed to meet the wide ranging demands of manufacturing businesses. SYSPRO stands out from the rest of the ERP solutions with its building block approach. The core system allows the users to add business functionality and advanced technology according to the demands of the business. SYSPRO features more than 45 integrated business modules that includes financial controls, sales, purchasing, inventory control, Inventory Optimization, CRM, MRP/production control, forecasting, distribution, Advanced Planning & Scheduling and Business Analytics

SYSPRO upgraded its ERP software last year adding extensive functionality in the areas of financial, distribution and manufacturing. In addition, the software was upgraded with new customization capabilities and new modules. The SYSPRO Projects and Contracts also boosted the ERP software with enhanced operational control and profit optimization capabilities for the mid market manufacturers.  Let’s have an insight into this much hyped products

Have a look at the key features of SYSPRO



SYSPRO’s interface looks pretty impressive when it comes to menus and retrieving information from the views list. The user can retrieve the information using the filters on key fields or any part of it. The list has a look similar to Excel where the columns can be added or changed. What lacks is that the list view doesn’t include the user defined fields. The web functionality includes Order Entry, Customer Statements, Customer Information Change and Supplier Information Change.


SYSPRO is one of the few ERP solutions that offers Activity Based Costing. It’s functionality includes Bill of Materials, Work in Progress, Sales Orders & Invoicing, Purchase Orders, and Inventory Control modules.

Manufacturing and financial

SYSPRO provides one of the top accounting solutions built with extensive features. It offers strong performance both in terms of manufacturing and finance.
It is built on sound manufacturing principles and process flow.


This is one of the unique features with SYSPRO not included in most ERP products in the high end markets of United States. SYSPRO handles Value Added taxes and Goods and services taxes(GST) impressively. Further it also manages other tax calculations efficiently.

Manufacturing System Implementation


SYSPRO offers a comprehensive guide for manufacturing system implementation. It is a extensive piece of work that an potential user can go thorough to get a clear idea of the implementation system. It highlights much of the thought process, timing, and strategies.

CRM integration

The SYSPRO sales force automation, marketing and CRM service has these three fields assembled into a single comprehensive module. The user can get a 360 degree view of the cusdomer through the module. Further they can access and control all the aspects of customer management and sales cycle from a single interface. Most of the CRM implementations fail as they do not provide complete integration with other systems. SYSPRO offers total database integration with all other ERP modules enabling access to required data in real-time.

Advanced features

SYSPRO offers advanced Planning & Scheduling system with features like messaging to the stations, parameters by customer, user defined attributes, and real time factory floor control. The customers can track the progress of their orders via web. There are some more features that makes SYSPRO more user-friendly

Drop and Drag Menus

With this option the users can easily drag menus and arrange them according to their particular needs. This also includes the placement of the menus in the favorite folder.

Favorite WIndows

The users can drag and drop their favorite menu in the Favorite Windows for quick and easy access. Users can also insert shortcuts for the most used applications(like Microsoft Outlook).

HTML Menus

SYSPRO stands out with this facility. The SYSPRO menus can be published as HTML menus. With that users can run SYSPRO from the  SYSPRO browser or can make little effort to publish it via Intranet with password protection. Using the SYSPRO Wizard the user can create a web menu. The users need to select the folders and visual theme they want to use. SYSPRO configures the menu in HTML format according to the users selection.

Hyperlink Support

The user can also insert the a hyperlink in Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook and launch a menu in SYSPRO with customer and vendor information.

Access to multiple companies

SYSPRO allows its users to log on to multiple companies without having to exit from a current company. There are products that allow the users to access just one company at one time.

Multiple Periods

With SYSPRO the users can control the period end dates and allows multiple periods to remain open. SYSPRO features unique support for multiple open periods within a given year.


The system features a company calender that is fully customizable and can help out with production scheduling.


SYSPRO runs with  Microsoft SQL Server database, or the C-ISAM database. The C-ISAM can use a built in conversion tool to migrate to the SQL server platform.

Event Reporting

This feature enables the user to report the events that trigger reports for a definite personnel. However, to use the email facility of this program the user must have Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook installed.

Sync with Account

SYSPRO CRM account can also be synchronized via replication on the laptop. This is a step further for marketing, lead capture and field sales efforts affecting the sales and profitability.


  • The user interface is fully customizable
  • XML format offers information exchange and web service interface
  • Strong financial and manufacturing particular in the area of process manufacturing


The most perceptible flaw with SYSPRO is that it offers an older look with monospace fonts in some of the reports. This could is not acceptable for a fully polished ERP market.


Axapta and Epico. We will come back with more news about them and a competitive analysis.


Overall SYSPRO seems to be an all-round ERP solution and deserves top ranks for its comprehensive features. Given the minor shortcomings can be a viable ERP solution for most manufacturing or distribution companies. In case you have an opinion to share on this SYSPRO ERP solution, let us know.

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