ExpenseWire Expense Report Software: Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, April 6, 2009

expensewireAfter having reviewed the expensewatch.com and the startup expensify.com, I was looking for a more comprehensive and feature-laden travel and expense management software. As the economy is heading into a recession, the travel costs are on rise, which creates the demand for an efficient travel and expense management software. I came across the software ExpenseWire.com on my list of Top 10 Expense Report Software that was nominated as the finalists in the prestigious CODiE awards for three consecutive years and decided to scan through it. This web based software is primarily designed to trim down the efforts required to file, review, approve and reimburse expense reports. It offers business insight and process control to reduce costs and evolve expense management strategies.  

With distinct enterprise based features ExpenseWire tries to covers all the key aspects of travel and entertainment expense reporting. Let’s get an overview on the vital features of software


Intuitive Interface

The web based interface is plain and intuitive, it doesn’ require any user training for the submitters or appovers to use.

Analytics & Reporting

It provides an End-to-end solution that begins with handling of expense reports from the point of entry to the final expense approval and the direct-deposit employee reimbursement. There are numerous of pre-loaded reports that deal with an array of  criteria manipulation, CSV and XML export links. The graphs and charts add to efficiency.

Credit card integration

This enables creation of expense reports even faster and accurate. The transactions history of the cards gets automatically reported. The expenditures by employees using the credit cards are automatically loaded and directly reported at fixed intervals.

Quicker Reimbursement

ExpnseWire offers a click-to-pay reimbursement module that saves time spent by employees on reimbursement.

Accounting System

The accounting system is integrated with nearly all the customers this increases accuracy in accounting and general ledger system.


ExpenseWire allows automated currency conversion, advanced analytics, T&E policy management and automated spending rules enforcement.

Integrated Treavel Itineraries

The software supports open ecosystem, it integrates instantly with travel booking tools and other third party applications. It is integrated  with the major travel booking platforms and agencies.


  • Deployment of the software takes minimal time and hassle.
  • With on-line approvals, and electronic reimbursements the software saves lot of time
  • ExpenseWire offers an extensive database to analyze the spend vs. budgets This assists in the process of budget review 
  • This web-based expense report automation software has been upgraded to be compatible with Mozilla Firefox as with Microsoft Internet Explorer.


The software needs to work it’s flexibility of use and interoperability with other applications. The software that can integrate with the current accounting system of the company are always in demanded. It must seamlessly integrate with online travel.


The Expensewatch.com is a fast growing travel and entertainment expense software. It features the some the best modules for travel and entertainment reports.


The merit of ExpenseWire seems to comnbine the best of administarion and acounting to provide a powerful tool that ensures better control over travel and entertainment spending. It allows extensive accounting and administraive features for better visibility into companies expenses . Let me know if you have some more infomation to add to my review.

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