Top 5 Social Networking Sites For Students

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, September 10, 2009

socialnetwworkingGoogling for Social networking site for students gets you the reigning social media, Facebook. It’s no surprise that 85% of students in universities own a Facebook profile. MySpace also grabs a fair share of social networking students. Even if these sites offer no serious stuff for aspiring students it’s the fun quotient that creating all the hoopla. Well, that reminds me the other half of a typical proverb all play and no work makes Jack a mere toy. For those serious students looking for social platform to guide their careers we have a list of top 5 social networking sites for students.

Perhaps the most viable way to build a career is to begin with an internship. This social site for students is set to assist the students in choosing right internship. Students reviews about internships highlighted in the InternetRating can be of great help for the careerists.

Students can fill up the surveys to rate different aspects of their internship, which includes real life experience, compensation, networking opportunities and much more. They can also elaborate their experience during internship to provide a clearer view. For those in search of the right internship perusal can take advantage of this site.



It’s a leading online study community that helps out student with math science, engineering, and business classes. Cramster has a strong community of users comprising of high school and college students, educators, parents, and subject enthusiasts willing to share information and help students. The social site offers Study Guides and Practice Tests, lecture notes, online tutoring alternative, math problem and step-by-step answers. Users can answer questions to gain karma points that can be redeemed for prizes. Especially, there’s an exclusive section where quiz enthusiast can create their own customized quiz.


Friends Reunited

This social networking websites is based upon the goal of reunion focusing on research, dating and job-hunting. Friends Reunited provides a hub for reuniting people who have in common a school, university, address, workplace, sports club or armed service.


BharatStudents is the largest free social networking community specialized for Indian students and their friends. It’s Cafe Bharat offers gossips, reviews, polls and news in India’s Entertainment Industry. There’s an exclusive section devoted to educational and user-generated videos on overseas education.
In the Study Zone you could find extensive information and guidance on authentic college and university programs across different countries including United States of America (US), United Kingdom (UK), Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada and France.


Advanced Associates

It’s world’s first social network for law students. It features a number of interesting features. Advanced Associates allows the users to submit case briefs. The site offers a long list of case that covers most casebooks. What’s more students can edit case briefs in a wiki. It allows the users to leave and review feedback on summer jobs.


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