Gmail Multiple Accounts Managing Might Be Fun But Stay Cautious

By Shaon, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Gmail is fast becoming the cyber equivalent for a free lunch. The rate at which they keep updating and offering new features will amaze its competitors. The newly introduced feature in question is the newly announced improvement of the e-mail Delegation. This new feature will enable users to manage multiple gmail account without logging in or out and manually switching. The e-mail delegation was previously used to grant other people the access to a users primary mail id.

The feature is going to be a boon for people who have to manage multiple accounts for personal and professional use. From now onwards whenever someone logs in to his primary id he will be greeted with a new section titled ‘Grant access to your account’. After an account is added all he needs to do is accept a verification mail. Following which he will be able to toggle in or out the account.

An additional feature is that whenever the user will send an e-mail while logged into a signed account his primary address is going to be shown on the mail. However I do have some issues with this feature since I will feel relatively uneasy if my wildly imaginative personal email id becomes visible along side my professional id. This feature may particularly harm people who have accounts on other sites. The reason for me saying so is that suppose my personal id gets hacked (Gawker a massively popular online media’s outlet was hacked and the email accounts of the registered commenters were made available by a torrent file) the perpetrator will get links to all my other email accounts which might contain more personal information like credit card passwords.

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