Cyber attack targeted Google password system

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WASHINGTON - The mysterious cyber attack against search engine giant Google last year reportedly included an attempt to hack a vital company-wide password system, which controls user access to most of Google’s web services, e-mail and business applications.

The program, code named Gaia, was attacked in a lightning raid, taking less than two days last December, CBS News quoted a source, saying.

However, Gmail users’ passwords do not appear to have been stolen, and the company quickly initiated security changes to its networks, the source added.

Gaia is intended to enable users and employees to sign in with their password just once to operate a range of services.

The new details seem likely to increase the debate about the security and privacy of vast computing systems such as Google’s, which store personal information of millions of individuals and businesses.

When news of the attack initially became public, it led to a row between Google and China, ultimately resulting in a decision by the company to reroute search queries to its Hong Kong site. (ANI)

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