windows-7-logo1Windows XP comes preloaded with a HyperTerminal application that helps you to connect with other remote computers. The application is often used by system admins to connect to switches and carry out maintenance operation. Unfortunately, both Windows 7 and Vista application lacks this application. There are workarounds, but most of them charge highly and the free alternatives are not standard. We got a better workaround to install HyperTerminal client to WIndows 7 and Vista for free.
HAMBURG - Ever wonder where you stored a certain file on your computer? If you have the new Windows 7 or even Windows Vista on your computer, you won't need any extra software to answer that question. The functionality already built into Windows 7 and Vista beats the performance offered by four free search programmes, the experts at Germany's Computer Bild magazine found.
Microsoft Thursday launched the next version of Windows, dubbed Windows 7. The problem is: a majority of current Windows users still use XP, which is getting to be nine years old now.
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