Mac User Moves To Microsoft Vista and Back

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An interesting journey of a Mac user who, attracted by shiny new Microsoft Vista, decided to move to Vista and after experiencing it decided to move back again to a “brand new, white MacBook” on which he told his story.

His story is long but interesting. I think the zen of his story is in the following two paragraphs:
And then it hit me, the reason why I switched from Mac to Windows Vista. Because it is new. Because I am naturally curious about most things tech, and not only because it’s my job. Because I believe in second chances. And thirds and fourths and fifths. For sure, I’m enormously impressed with Windows Vista to the point of respecting it as a choice for friends and family if they so choose.

But I really miss that peaceful, Zen-like quiet I felt with my Mac when I’d wake it up or put it instantly to sleep. For me, it just works right, without really having to think about it.

There is a good reason why many Senior executives I know prefer Mac; they don’t an additional headache in their job.

Frankly his story is so strong in imagery and details that I am myself considering switching to Mac :)


January 31, 2007: 6:26 pm

Check a few simple things out and if there’s no good reason you can’t switch , you should.

Once you’ve got over the initial problems of finding where things are (mostly characterised by the phrase “It can’t possibly as simple as that can it . . . Oh! is that all you do? Cool!) you won’t regret it.


Welcome to intuitive computing, where the computer just gets out the way and lets you work the way you want.

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