Top 10 Blackberry Storm Apps

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

After some initial hitch ups with the buggy OS code, the new and improved Blackberry Storm is all more hyped. Storm was to open new possibilities in software applications. What followed this was a rush for apps to make the best out of Storm. There are number of those apps offered with or without cost. But I hunted the top ones and got the 10 most benignant apps.


Well! it’s the free and easy-to-use mobile Twitter app for your Blackberry. Let’s deal with the features for more. Twitterberry menu allows you the timelines of their latest posts last public posts and replies to the status updates. It’s easy to access. Set your own custom TwitterBerry notifications and refresh the timelines without ever leaving them.

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2. QuickPull - frees up memory

As you already know the smartphones with a number of app loaded takes a toll on the phone memory. For BackBerry Storm you can free up the memory only after removing the battery. I bet that’ll be a tough nut to crack. Instead why not use a software solution - QuickPull that is available for free. This app frees up the memory quickly simulating a battery pull soft reset. What more, you can schedule it to run daily.

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3. nuTsie - Music

This Blackberry app is what the iTune fans would envy. There could be no better way than nuTsie’s social-networking way to access the playlists. You don’t download the songs from iTunes but this app match the names of the songs in your playlist to the songs in its database. The songs are them streamed to your phone from the server. There are loads of music to choose from, leave aside your own choice. You can access your friends playlist and those compiled by nuTsie’s music masters.

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4.WhetherBug for Blackberry

This app is really getting favorite with most Blackberry users. It’s essentially a unique weather application. The dynamic Weatherbug icon on your Blackberry screen keeps you informed about the fluctuations in local weather on a pre-specified scale. Suppose the weather is partly cloudy. The icon displays image of the sun with a cloud eclipsing it. It also highlights the current temperature and the predicted max and min temperatures of the day. For more it offers the weather summary for the current day, metrics like dew point; seven day forecasts; wind chill/heat index and humidity levels;maps with numerous overlays including current temperature and precipitation; and local weather alerts.

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5. Flickr for Blackberry

Wouldn’t you love to have your images on Flickr. Here’s a pick for those looking for the most facile way to upload photos on Flickr from your media card or other storage devices. Here you go. Just launch the app, locate the image and tap on the upload command, and its over. You are free to choose your private setting - Private, Family, Friends etc. Give custom names to the photo and select the size of the image.  In no time you could see your images on the Flickr pages.

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6. Facebook for Blackberry

This a really cool stuff that comes pre-installed in Blackberry storm. Now you can upload photos, invite friends, post updates and write on your friend’s wall from your blackberry. This one is set according to your wish list on your main Facebook account. Great! Come on you can hang out on holidays to find new fellas waiting to be connected.

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7.Beam Reader

Do you have a PDF book or memo saved on your data card and want your Blackberry storm to read it? Normally you read it as an attachment using the network resources. For me it’s really hard cheese. But why waste your time if there’s an easy-to-use app to get rid of this. BeamReader is a Native PDF reader and file manager that offers some handy tools. The PDF files are executed natively on the Blackberry through the BeamReader. Even if you are out of data range you can view the PDF images. Further the Beam Reader’s file manager also allows you to create new Word, Excel and Powerpoint document.

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8. Ascendo Money

I put this up for those stingy chicks who are too pockets- conscious. Having said that, inversely this could also be an money-manager for diehard spendthrifts. The app keeps track of your spending, manages expenses, stays with budgets, helps to pay your bills on time and plot your course to financial freedom. To manage your bank, savings and investment accounts you can use the Account screen. Tap on the account name and get to the transaction register.

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9. Ascendo Fitness

This is a diet and exercise assistant with your Blackberry. This is your scheduler to set objectives, track nutrition and exercises, measure your progress and calculate the fitness ratio. It also accompanies a desktop companion to manage the most recent USDA nutrition database that includes over 7000 items. It displays the graphs of your calorie intake, calories burned, weight and various nutrients vertically or horizontally. This blackberry app is an attempt to keep you healthy.

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10. WorldMate Live: A Travel Maestro

If frequent traveling is what attracts you, this blackberry app is for you. WorldMate Live brings you valuable content and services live on your mobile. It’s My Itineraries function offers information on hotels, flights, meetings, public transport and car rentals on your Blackberry. In addition using WorldMate Live you can export travel information from booking confirmation e-mails, corporate calendars and more. Still more you get to read Hotel reviews before booking a residence using this application.

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July 13, 2010: 4:34 am

Im Anil Kumar I want to know which is better to work on applications on Blackberry or Iphone. I have some information with me that doing iphone applcations is much easy compare to Blackberry…but regarding in future which is good and the work i want to know brief information from you….. pls do reply …thank you

kristene paul
March 27, 2010: 7:29 am

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January 12, 2010: 4:30 am

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nikk naks
December 14, 2009: 1:18 pm

blakberry rules

September 8, 2009: 11:52 pm

hi these are realy nice apps but some of these are not working any idea whats happened with these ?

July 26, 2009: 12:26 am

The Storm is the best new smartphone on the market IMO. I love the idea that it works on all networks around the world.

July 5, 2009: 12:11 pm

I need a GPS app for Golf, from where can I get it? Please help. Thanks in advance.

February 24, 2009: 10:50 am

[...] Blackberry is bringing out some of the popular games for free this weekend. These apps will be downloadable for free. Take a look and download them before they put a price to it again. And if you are an avid blacberry fan, here is a treat - 10 storming blackberry apps for you.  [...]

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