Translator Plugin Pro / Gold 5.0: Multiple Engine Failover Support

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro 5.0 (& Gold) provides automatic multiple engine failover support. What does it mean to you as a WordPress blogger?

First let’s understand how Translator Plugin translates your blog. We rely on multiple external translation engines like Google and Babelfish to do the actual translation. We provide multiple functionalities on top of their raw output and present the content as integral part of your own blog. Currently we use 4 translation engines in Translator Plugin Pro 5.0 and 5 translation engines in Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Gold 1.0. These engines can sometimes fail due to multiple reasons, some temporary, some requires variety of actions on our part to make it happy.

We monitor the responses provided by the different translation engines we use. We analyze the errors and take appropriate actions in real-time depending on the error condition. We also pro-actively balance the load on translation engines.

We have done extensive research to identify and test appropriate responses for each type of errors to keep these engines happy about your blog. In other words your blog shouldn’t abuse their free services. If your blog is popular it is likely to request many pages for translation in quick succession. Each engine has criteria beyond which it trips at which point it can temporarily (for a fixed period as configured by the engine) or permanently (Engine 5 only) ban further translations from your site. We have extensively tested the engine and manage the load to each engine independently. We also take appropriate corrective actions depending on the engine as well as the error condition.

On failure we transparently switchover to backup alternative engine(s) to provide translation. All available engines for that language will be tried till we are successful. If, in very rare cases, all the engines fail we provide a multi-lingual custom error message. From your users standpoint it will be just like any other page; while we may have worked through several engines to provide him with the translation service.

We also incorporate intelligent caching with brand-new caching engine to further reduce the load on translation engines and your site. More on intelligent caching in a separate article.

In short we have left no stone unturned in Translator Pro to provide you with maximum availability of translation services. Translator Pro is an activate-and-forget plugin. After activation it continue to silently work without any need for monitoring or maintenance.

Additionally in Translator Gold (limited edition; 100 copies), we support websites with multiple IP addresses as well as provide Tor support to further minimize the apparent load from your blog to translation engines, thereby significantly increasing the translation service availability of very high load sites; not to mention we provide support for 32 languages and an additional translation engine for greater failover support.

Even WordPress itself doesn’t have technologies such as we have used in making Translator Plugin 5.0. As a veteran, and fairly successful if I may add, blogger I strongly recommend Translator Plugin Pro for all pro and semi-pro bloggers and also to everyone who wishes to make his / her site popular.

July 19, 2008: 12:45 pm

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