Testimonials: What Customers Are Saying About Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro for WordPress Blogs

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Saturday, October 14, 2006

These are few samples of actual comments from our customers of Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro for WordPress blogs. Frankly I am overwhelmed by the positive response and support of the blogger community.

Note: Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro (features, get software) is a professionally designed plugin which provides automatic machine translation of your blog in eight different languages - German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. It is search engine optimized, supports WordPress widgets, uses nice permalinks, super-fast (cacheable) and lots more.

“Once again I want to thank you for this plugin. Using SlimStats, I can see how many people are using the plugin AND IT’S A LOT!

I recommended this plugin to a buddy of mine who bought - [[Client Company]]. I’ll keep the referrals up anytime I can.” - Greg

“Translator Pro has come a long way in a very small amount of time, and the support is phenomenal. The overall developer responsiveness alone is well worth the $30.” - James

“installing was a breeze, it’s up and running and works like a charm! fast, simple and beneficial to my visitors.” - Lu

“I’m not terribly techy so to me this plugin is great.

PS - I’m also going to list your plugin in my resources area so people can get your site easily.” - Greg

“Thanks for the support

Note: Stick me on your newsletter if you have one. ” - Darren, who also sent us a bonus, almost equalling the cost of the plugin, in appreciation.

“Thanks again! Aside from hosting and domain costs, this is the best $30 that I’ve ever spent on my blog.” - James

“Thanks ….Love your translator!” - David

“Thank you for your comprehensive answers (they help me understand and give me a lot to think about) and all your hard work.” - Michael

“P.S. Thanks for being so involved with this. You’re more involved with your $30 plugin than most shareware developers are with their $50 applications.” - James

“Wow..so easy to install - I’m already up and running!!!!” - Ian

“Thanks again - I’ve already seen many use the tool to better read my content!” - Greg

“The plugin works great.

Thanks again for creating such a kick-ass product.” - Greg

“thank you very much for excellent support!!” - J. N.

“Thanks Again - guys like you make the world a much better (and fun) place.” - Greg

“thanks a lot, this plug-in is amazing, and i love how it uses google also :)” - G. R.

You can get the software here. Looking forward to hear your comments and suggestions.

December 30, 2009: 8:23 pm

Yesterday I placed this plugin on my blog, loved it until I did a post. Stopped my blog pinging, the feedburner ended up showing my whole blog!!. Deleted the plugin and within a few hours all was working again. However as I do love this plugin, woke up this morning and added it back in lol. Now have fingers crossed it will behave on my blog and give the outstanding results others have had.

October 23, 2006: 12:35 pm

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October 20, 2006: 9:17 am

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