WordPress Plugin for Permanent Redirection of Posts - Angsuman’s Permanent Redirector Plugin

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Angsuman’s Permanent Redirector Plugin


This plugin allows you to redirect (permanent redirect using HTTP status 301) any of your posts or pages to a different URL.
This enables you to transfer Google rank of your post or page (static page of WordPress) to a new page. Also the new page is displayed in search (Yahoo, Google, MSN etc.) results.

This is valuable when you want to permanently move one or more of your posts or pages to a new location.

The post/page content is not altered.

No configuration is required. Even your GrandMother can use it.


Works on 1.5.x & 2.0 codebase.


For some users the plugin wasn’t directly redirecting but bringing up an intermediate page. Brian found a solution to this issue. The plugin has been updated with Brian’s fix. If you are facing this problem then you are strongly encouraged to download the new version. Otherwise you may continue with your existing version.

How it works

When a post or static page (in WP context) is fetched (using its permalink) for viewing the plugin checks if the post has a “redirect” custom field set. If it is set then a permanent redirect status is sent to the client/browser indicating that the post has permanently moved to the location (URL) specified in the value of “redirect”. So the viewer is automatically moved to the new location.

How to use?

In short to use this (after you have installed and activated the plugin) add a custom field to the post (which you want to redirect) with key redirect and in value give the full URL where you want to redirect to.

It doesn’t alter the view in archive, category or home page view.

This plugin is usable only in version of WordPress which supports custom fields for posts. Definitely for WordPress 1.5 and above. I am not sure about earlier versions.


Please read the installation procedure below after you download Angsuman’s Permanent Redirect Plugin.

Note: For customization requests or to get other free WordPress plugins provided by us, go to - WordPress Plugins (Free) Developed and Supported by Taragana.Com.

November 13, 2010: 2:16 pm

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April 30, 2010: 9:37 pm

very goo this plugin. tanks

April 26, 2010: 8:24 pm

Just came across Angsuman’s Authenticated WordPress Plugin and I’m trying to get it working with WP 2.9.2, but when I login with the plugin activated, it redirects to the correct site URL before immediately redirecting back to the login page. Is there an easy fix for this?


July 15, 2009: 4:42 pm

Can you provide me an example of the post in question?

June 30, 2009: 3:01 pm

Thanks so much for this awesome plugin! Will review on my blog!

April 6, 2009: 4:10 pm

Can I use this plugin to redirect a feed?

December 23, 2008: 2:03 am

[...] Angsuman’s Permanent Redirector Plugin: Este permite establecer mediante un campo personalizado en cada post que queramos redirigir permanentemente a otra dirección. Muy útil si son solo algunos posts los que queremos corregir. [...]

December 21, 2008: 5:28 pm

one thing…

i have a post tagged plastic bathroom accessories and have a very high google ranking, now i want to promote http://www.chs-limited.co.uk for this keyword

If i use this plugin, i will also be directing the robots to the webpage so the contecn will change, so the serp will go down even dissapear

am i wrong ?


Blind Bat
December 12, 2008: 11:25 am

There sure is a lot of stuff on this page. Too bad the download button for the plugin is hidden somewhere I cannot see.

October 21, 2008: 10:13 am

Thank you very very much for the RELIABLE plugin! I’ve searched for it the whole night… your plugin just settled everything for me! Simple yet effective! Thanks man! Nice ^^

September 24, 2008: 12:36 pm

Good to know, thanks.

September 24, 2008: 6:10 am

The plugin works great! I was long looking for something this simple for migrating my site to a new domain. I’m running on nginx so other plugins I tried did not work except for this one.

I was about to manually redirect from my vhost’s file if I didn’t see this plugin. Thanks again for sharing it.

September 12, 2008: 9:16 am

Great plugin, thanks a lot!!

June 24, 2008: 3:22 pm

sorry, i just posted that comment on the wrong page

May 9, 2008: 10:55 pm

[...] Angsumans Permalinks Migration - Permanent redirect for your posts and pages. [...]

May 9, 2008: 6:46 pm

[...] Angsumans Permalinks Migration - Permanent redirect for your posts and pages. [...]

May 6, 2008: 7:51 am

[...] It is a password protected site, protected using modified version (ask me if you are interested) of WordPress Authentication plugin. This allows our workforce to communicate with each other as well as see what others are doing. For [...]


May 3, 2008: 8:05 am

Is this working? Using IE now.

May 3, 2008: 7:58 am

Yes - I’m having the same problem logging in using FF but I managed to login using IE and disable the plugin - I can now login using FF and IE but need a plugin that gives me back the security. I can’t find anything else either.

April 17, 2008: 8:34 am

@craig & Knight7s
I’m having the same problem with my 2.5 blog. I hope there will be an upddate for the plug-in soon. Otherwise, I will be in great trouble :(

April 6, 2008: 11:24 pm

@ Craig,

I’m having the same problem as well. It kinda sucks because this was the only plugin I can find to lock my blog…

March 31, 2008: 5:33 am

looks like the plugin us having issues with 2.5. It is causing a redirect loop that crashes the main page. Anyone else experiencing this?

February 5, 2008: 4:43 pm

Thanks for this plugin! One suggestion, though: bump the version number. I saw “1.0″ after reading about the HTTP 200 problem, and I assumed I had the unpatched code.

January 17, 2008: 7:53 pm

thought when I found this plugin it was the answer to all my problems. You see, I’m getting a lot of hits at my free http://blowupyourtv.wordpress.com site, and I want to redirect all those hits to my new site, now that it’s off the free Wordpress blog program.. is there any way to make it so when the blowupyourtv.wordpress.com comes up in google, it automatically redirects to blowupyour.tv?

Thank you!


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