SEATTLE - Microsoft Corp. is giving up on its own blog network and, in a new partnership, will start sending new Windows Live users to a competing platform instead.
Is Tosh.0 Responsible for Celebrity Networth.Com Crash??
NEW YORK (GaeaTimes.com) -- The website named Celebrity networth.com has been shut down without any prior notice.
Cheapest Performance Improvement Tip for Heavily Used File Systems (High IO Wait) / Heavily Loaded MySQL Database / Over worked WordPress
I am sure you have heard a lot of theoretical discussions on what is the best file systems to use, which IO scheduler and which storage device - ATA (obsolete), SATA, SAS, SSD etc.
How to Migrate from Google Blogger Blog to Self-hosted WordPress Blog
When Google Blogger hit the Blogging market in 1999, it was very popular because it is very easy to set up.
How to Migrate Your Blog from Wordpress.com to Self-hosted Blog
Many people start their first blog at Wordpress.com site.
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