Top 10 Facebook WordPress Plugin

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, September 1, 2009

wordpressBloggers are increasingly using self-hosted WordPress as their platform for voicing their thoughts. Well, it’s not just because WordPress is free, but there are some cool WordPress plugins that help bloggers to plug themselves to any popular site. We had already done with Wordpress Plugins for Social Networking from your Blog. Now we decided to get you the WordPress plugins for world’s largest social networking site Facebook. It offers a great way to get highlight your WordPress blog. If you ready to share your Facebook-life with your blogging take a pick at our top 10 Facebook WordPress Plugins.

1. WordPress


Get publishes from your accounts into Facebook News Feeds, Mini-Feeds and adds a box in your profile that is customizable.


2. Add to Facebook

This Facebook plugin adds a footer link where the current post or a Facebook Mini-Feed can be added. While it is active a link will appear after the content of the post written Share on Facebook or the Facebook icon or both. By clicking this link you can bring the user to the Facebook site. In case the user is not logged in he/she would be prompted to do it. When the user gets logged to Facebook the post would be added to the Mini-Feed of the account.


3. WassUp

This WordPress plugin for Facebook helps you to track your visitors in real time. It might have a readable and fancy admin console that keeps track of your visitors to your blog. It offers a cronology of your blog’s visits along with details.


4. QuailPress

WordPress plugin to integrate with Facebook Share. With QuailPress users can easily share posts on their Facebook accounts.


5. Fotobook

This plugin would link to your Facebook account(s) and allow you import all of your photo albums into a page on for your WordPress installation. It uses the Facebook’s API so your photos are import in a whisk. Further it features an easy-to-use Ajax album management panel.


6. Facebook Comments

With this plugin you can import all comments on your Facebook notes back into your WOrdPress blog.


7. Friend Bookmarklet

It offers Detects hCards, Facebook links, and search results. With this WordPress plugin the users can add the detected people to their WordPress links system.


8. WordBook

If you wanna cross post to your Facebook account directly from your Facebook account WordPress blog. On the Facebook Boxes tab you can see your most recent blog posts.


9. StatusPress

As the name suggests, the plugin takes your Facebook status updates and places them in your WordPress blog.

10. Facebook Sharer

This plugin adds a link within each blog post to share blog posts on FaceBook.


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The usability and sheer number of plugins to fit any type of blog is probably the number one reason why I love Wordpress more than any other blogger platform out there.

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