A quintessential Kiwi lunch involves sex, shopping and sandwiches!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WELLINGTON - Seventy percent Kiwis say that their most memorable lunch breaks involved sex, apart from reading, doing a crossword, going to the gym, surfing the Internet, visiting social networking sites, running personal errands and shopping, a survey found.

The survey commissioned by Dominos Pizza, conducted amongst 8715 New Zealanders, has thrown up many other interesting results too.

Others said they had got engaged, discovered they were pregnant, witnessed a car accident, been tattooed and played practical jokes on colleagues.

Some said their wish list of ultimate lunch breaks included being whisked away by helicopter to a five-star lunch on a luxury yacht, fulfilling a sexual fantasy or having their boss serve them lunch, while others hoped for something more simplistic like not having to prepare it themselves.

“The results have clearly shown we’re a nation of workers who like to have our cake and eat it too. I think there will be a fair few Kiwis keeping a closer eye on their colleagues at lunchtime after reading these results.

“One man said the most memorable thing he did on his lunch break was his wife. But when he answered what he would do on his ultimate lunch break replied: ‘Not my wife’.

“One guy said the most memorable thing he’d done at lunchtime was the receptionist. There were a lot along those lines,” Nzherald.co.nz quoted Ryan Bohm, general manager of Dominos, as saying.

The most popular home-made meals were last night’s leftovers and sandwiches. (ANI)

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