Apple Earnings Soar Beyond Expectations

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CUPERTINO ( Apple Inc, the Cupertino based consumer electronics giant has reported record earnings for the last quarter despite its latest oaring iPhone 4 drawing flaks for its signal reception flaw. The company made record profits owing to unexpected sales of its internet tablet iPad and iMac desktops computers. The sales of iPhone dipped slightly but the company is not much worried about the dip. The iPad is selling extremely well and so far the company has sold 3.27 million units of the device and it fetched Apple revenue worth $2.17 billion as the company has reported.

The Apple earnings have made Steve Jobs happy indeed especially after the lashing he received for his efforts to defend iPhone 4 recently. The Apple team and the industry experts have been overwhelmed by the success of the iPad. The device was expected to sell well but the response from the buyers has exceeded the expectation of all. The company is also happy with the sale of iMac though it did not bring out any new model for quite some time. The company is selling over a million units of the internet tablet each month and it is a very encouraging figure.

Apple is upbeat about its earnings from last quarter and that is why it has decided to launch the iPad in nine other countries in near future. The Apple fanatics have ensured that the demand for the device crosses its supply in the outlets. The company has said that before a few months it may not be able to match the demand with its supply.

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