How Safe and Secure Your Cellphone is?

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Saturday, October 30, 2010

mobile_phones_top5 Online security is a big industry. You can consider Symantec and Kaspersky . Their whole business model is centered around the digital threat. You can subscribe their service like anti-virus software, back up tools, up-to-the-minute virus, bugs, worms and Trojan information to prevent hacks and identity theft. Similarly, Technorati Business blog asked consumers to follow two practices in terms of security of mobile phone.

1> The Australian communications and media authority has issued the following advisory for the security of mobile phone.

  • Avoid leaving your mobile phone in the car when unattended.
  • Consider insuring your phone, noting that to replace it could cost you hundreds of dollars.
  • Read your mobile phone manual carefully to see what security features and activate
  • Lock your phone to your SIM card.
  • Enable the PIN (Personal Identification Number) security feature of your mobile phone
  • Record the 15-digit IMEI (and register if stolen)number of your mobile phone handset.
  • Only purchase if a known financial institution or payment gateway in installed
  • Also purchase insurance when purchasing online if the option exists
  • Take note of purchase time, receipt numbers and transaction numbers
  • 2> The second option is third party security and apps as follows:

    If you buy your mobile directly from the vendor’s site, the website will take you to a payment gateway like bank etc. Those banks or financial institutions use system software and high security tracking to ensure that your payments are safe and secure. Most of the time those financial institutions provide HTTPS, which is more secure than regular HTTP service. HTTPS secures the information in such a way so that the person and website interacting can retrieve the information.
    When you made the purchase through any third party apps, your transaction should be safe if they use any SSL or Standard Security Technology.

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