How to protect you brand / identity on 120 Popular Social Media Websites

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, October 8, 2009

knowemKnowEm is the new buzz in the social networking media that filters unclaimed usernames at 120 social media sites. Well, social media is expanding and too soon you would see all media going social. It high time to preserve your social media identity before it’s compromised. If you have a unique identity established in Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, why not let your sui generis username or brand reign over the entire social networking world. Using KnowEm you could retain your identity in all social media by checking out for your username or brand name’s availability at various social media sites. KnowEm not only allows you to the know about the popular site where your username is available, but also the not-so popular ones where you could reap the advantage of being an early bird.

Although there are some other names such Namechk that allows you to check out availability of your username or brand availability for 84 social networking sites, we picked KnowEm goes a step ahead  allowing you to search for 120 sites. Just visit the site, enter your username or brand that you wish to check. Knowem would scans though 120 social media networks and informs you where your name is taken and where it is still available. Knowem also provides you one-click access to registration for each of these sites.

What’s more, it also offers a premium service that would sign you up on all the sites. The service will send log-in information back to you so that you can change the password.  However, the service comes at a hefty price of $64.95. Still more the service can get you signed up for all new services for $10 a month. This could be range from 6 to 10 each month, depending on the new sites introduced.

Well, all said and done there’s couldn’t be any easier ideas to get your username or brand on all the social networks without having to register manually for each of the sites. In short, you could call it an username search engine for social networking buffs.

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