Facebook Tip: How to tag your friends on photos & notes in Facebook

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, March 6, 2009

<b>facebook</b>In my earlier article I’d informed you on the Facebook updates. For all you Facebook users who love to share your whereabouts on social platforms, I have something more. If you have a Facebook profile, you must be looking to tag photos and notes with the names of your friends.¬† Obviously, you can tag your friends’ photos. This will help you connect your friends better an expand your network. Let’s see how to tag your friends on photos and notes in Facebook.

Here’s are the steps you need to follow in order to tag your friends on Photos and tag Your Friends in Your Notes

How to tag your friends on Photos

Step 1: Go to the Facebook home page and Log in. In case you haven’t registered with Facebook yet, click the Register to get started.

Step 2:
Open the My Photos page. On this page you can notice that photos which have been tagged with your friends name recently are highlighted.
Step 3:Click the abbum covr or the View link option
Step 4: Choose an image to tag by clicking on the photo’s thumbnail.
Step 5: Choose the Tag this Photo link. When you hover the cursor over the photo it becomes a crosshair.

Step 6: Now click the person you wish to tag. Further you can type any name or tag for that area of the photo, else choose any of your friends’ name o add
Step 7: Now you can visit profiles and tag the photos the same way.

How to Tag Your Friends in Your Notes

Step 1: Log in to Facebook and go to the My Notes. Here you’ll get the notes you have previously left, whether typed on Facebook or imported from your blog. Both these types of notes can be tagged.
Step 2: If you select a note that you have already written to tag click on the note’s title. You can see the page that only has that note and the ability to add comments.
Step 3:Look for the Tag People in This Note section and type a friends name. You are only allowed to confirm Facebook friends as a tag.
Step 4: Use the same tag form when you leave a new note on your profile. It’s always easy to go back and add new tags as your friends join Facebook.


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