iPhone 3G 8GB Model Costs 4 Times More in India!

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vodaphone sent the pricing for iPhone 3G 8GB and 16GB models in India and I have to tell you it is daylight robbery!

The iPhone 3G 8GB model costs Rs. 31, 000 (~ 738$) from Vodaphone whereas the 16GB model costs Rs. 36, 000 (~ $857). The 8GB model costs only $199 in US. Not only that you have to pay a security deposit of Rs. 10, 000, which by itself costs much more than an iPhone in US.

This is simply unacceptable pricing. Vodaphone is intent on fleecing consumer interest with a ludicrous 4 times markup price. I expressed my interest for an iPhone previously but now I am going to skip. I suggest others to do the same until the iPhone pricing drops to reasonable levels at around Rs. 10000 at least. I am happy with my Samsung mobile for now.


June 30, 2010: 5:19 am

hey does iphone have a call recording functionality or can we buy such an application for it??

If at all i get an i-phone fron US,is it possible to activate it in India(obviously illegally)?

November 18, 2008: 1:01 pm

[...] that Apple’s iPhone launch in India was a dismal failure. I was aghast in August this year when Apple (and its cohorts Vodaphone & Airtel) decided to swindle Indian customer by charging over 4…. At that time I advised people to wait till the price drops. Frankly I felt betrayed by Steve Jobs [...]

September 2, 2008: 10:18 am

They can do better and reduce the price to 8000 Rs. I am getting mine from USA, and doing it because we will be developing apps for iPhone, not because I love Apple.

September 2, 2008: 8:14 am

Hi all

So, finally comapny understood mindset and problem of common man of not want to spend such a big amount of Rs. 31000/36000 to buy an iphone and made it available through EMI with tying up with few banks. I saw this info on iphone section of airtel site (https://www.airtel.in/iphone3g)

August 30, 2008: 12:47 am

This is not a myth, simple reality.
You state that total cost iPhone in India is 2 lac for 18 month period whereas it costs Rs. 81, 000 only for 24 month period in US. Which one is cheaper?

Also the cost you quoted for AT&T is much higher and it includes 3G spectrum which is not the case for iPhone in India at this time. I rest my case. iPhone in India is very highly priced and intended at fleecing the customers. Only fools or one with too much money to burn (get a life instead) will but it.

Hitesh verma
August 29, 2008: 11:36 pm

Hi all

There is a myth in the market place on low pricing of the product (reference price point being Rs. 8000 or Rs.12000/- which refers to AT&T pricing of USD 199 or USD 299).

The reports don’t factor the commitment which a customers needs to give for a particular Price Plan for a period of 24 Months in the case of AT&T. For O2 the commitment is for 18 months with selected plans.

But, if we calculate other cost like montly rental for voice, i.e., 69.99 (USD), the total cost of ownership for the period of 24 months for a 8 GB model comes around Rs.81000/-! The total cost of ownership for O2 is around Rs.200000/- over a period of 18 months.

In first look it looks high, but in long term, it is still cheaper in India. So, don’t stop urself from buying this lovely gadget…


August 20, 2008: 2:08 am

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August 20, 2008: 1:08 am

Not every provide will provide you 3G in India. In fact it hasn’t even been allocated. So you are effectively tied between Vodaphone, Airtel and BSNl for all practical purposes and they all have very similar pricing. However there is a bigger problem with your math. With two year lockdown you at least get to use the phone for two years which you don’t get after paying 4 times premium with Vodaphone. Paying 4 times premium is simply not worth it! If someone is desperate to switch providers, he is better off using the free techniques available on the internet (jailbreaking etc.).
I think Apple is losing in their deal with Vodaphone while alienating Indian cusotmers. Vodaphone is taking Indian customers for a ride.

August 20, 2008: 12:59 am

[...] iPhone 3G 8GB Model Costs 4 Times More in India! Vote [...]

August 20, 2008: 12:43 am

Err… the 31K (or 36K) price points do not require the customer to get locked into a 2-year contract unlike AT&T. The lowest priced AT&T plan is a $69.99pm contract for two years. So effectively one would need to commit at least $199+$(69.99*24) for a 8GB version on AT&T. So even discounting the fact that currently 3G won’t be available for Vodafone users, the iPhone pill isn’t as bitter as one would think.

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