Kiwi man jailed for posting nude pic of ex-girlfriend on Facebook

Saturday, November 13, 2010

WELLINGTON - A man in New Zealand has been jailed after he posted a photograph of his naked ex-girlfriend on social networking site Facebook.

Joshua Simon Ashby, 20, a painter, was sentenced to four months’ prison in Wellington District Court after he pleaded guilty to a charge of distributing indecent matter and six others of threatening to kill, wilful damage, theft of the woman’s clothes, and assault, the New Zealand Herald reported.

According to the Dominion Post newspaper, it is believed to be the first time someone has been sentenced for a crime committed using Internet social media, under the morality and decency section of the Crimes Act.

Judge Andrew Becroft said Ashby posted the photo in an “irresponsible drunken jealous rage” after the break-up of their five-month relationship.

On July 23 he messaged her: “I’m going to kill you” and “Dead bitch” and then posted a naked photograph of her to her Facebook page.

It was initially visible to 218 of her friends but Ashby then made it publicly available and changed her password.

Police and Facebook authorities shut down the woman’s account after 12 hours.

Defence lawyer Leah Davison said Ashby knew he needed to deal with problems around drugs and alcohol and behaving in a “very immature manner” when angry and upset. (ANI)

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