PNC Bank: National City Bank debit accounts hacked, hit with fraud

By Ieva M. Augstums, AP
Thursday, March 18, 2010

Former National City Bank debit accounts hacked

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — PNC Financial Services Group Inc. said Thursday it is investigating a breach of accounts affecting former National City Bank customers and their debit-card accounts.

The affected accounts are restricted to the Cincinnati area, and current PNC Bank customers are not affected, PNC Financial spokesman Fred Solomon told The Associated Press.

Bank officials were made aware of the data breach earlier this week, but Solomon would not say how many customers’ accounts have been compromised or how much money was stolen.

PNC Financial, which is based in Pittsburgh, said some customer debit cards were compromised shortly before the company acquired Cleveland-based National City Corp. in December 2008.

“We believe any fraudulent charges that have been made are already in the system,” Solomon said, adding that all National City Bank cards remain active until customers activate their PNC Bank card.

All open accounts are “under an enhanced surveillance,” he added, and the security measures “should prevent any further access to them by any unauthorized individuals.”

PNC Financial said it will work with individual customers to address their concerns, and refund any money that is due to them.

It was not immediately clear if the account breach could have been an inside job.

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July 20, 2010: 10:39 am

yikes, makes me glad i dont have an account there. I hope city banks PR department is up to the challenge because some people are going to be upset.

Bill N.
April 2, 2010: 10:26 am

This is more widespread than PNC is saying. I had 2 transactions on 3/29 at retail stores in AL & GA (I’m in FL) for a total of $270. Must’ve duped my card # onto another card. They used the # for my new PNC card, not the old Nat’l. City #. PNC seems to have found it quickly, however, and notified me even before I noticed it on my online statement. They were cool about putting on the provisional credit. Lesson: check online statement regularly & save receipts.

Diana Wonderling
March 19, 2010: 8:31 pm

There was a news report on television regarding unauthorized debits and it was reported that this only happened in Cincinnati but it also happened here in Dayton.

I had 4 unauthorized debits on my National City Visa. Two were from a company called in the amount of $5.75 each. I called about these two items but was told that since the items were pending there was nothing the bank could do. The next day 2 more debits from a company called CKT* one for the amount of $138.09 and the other for $159.44. I called the bank and again I was told nothing could be done since the 4 items were still pending. This time I asked for my debit card to be cancelled which should have been suggested by the bank the day before. The first two days I called the number on the National City Debit card and the customer service person told me a provisional credit would be given me as soon as the items cleared. On the third day I called customer service at PNC and I told the service rep what the two previous customer service reps said I could get a provisional credit. The PNC rep said the two other reps were wrong to tell me I could get a provisional credit and it did not exist. We went over this at least 6 times because I was upset every time she would say she was sorry but they should not have told me that. I explained I was on social security disability and could not wait the 45 to 60 days for the dispute. She said that could not helped. She asked me to hold while she processed the dispute and and when she returned she said I was given a provisional deposit while the items are investigated. I asked her why she told me so many times that provisional deposit weren’t done. Her reply was they were done on a case by case basis. She changed her story. The deposits still say that they are provisional deposits pending dispute in my account. I checked these only moments ago. I researched both companies on line and they do not exist. I have only used my debit card online and that was the previous Thursday right before the debits. The 2 livingleantoday debits just disappeared from the pending categories.

Diana Wonderling 937-293-8154

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