Roamware’s Innovation gets recognized at the World Brand Congress

Thursday, November 5, 2009

MUMBAI - Roamware, Inc., a global leader in mobile roaming software and solutions, today announced that it has been awarded the Excellence in Brand Innovation Award yesterday at a ceremony at the World Brand Congress.

The World Brand Congress is the single largest rendezvous of the best brains behind some of the most successful and sought after brands globally. Over 500 marketers and brand custodians from world renowned organizations of every sector and continent have gathered for the Congress.

Organized along a theme of ‘Brands - Re:charge, Innovate, Re:engage in Today’s Times’, Roamware’s award in the brand innovation category becomes even more significant. The innovation award is meant to recognize brand names that are associated with being prolific innovators, wherein the first association with a brand name is that of the element of innovation.

Abraham Punnoose, VP for Marketing and Business Development at Roamware Inc., commented, “Since its inception Roamware has always been the driver of innovation in the roaming space and the company today has over 200 patent submissions. Roamware has played a catalytic role in transforming and enriching the overall roaming experience in the mobile landscape in over 145 countries while delivering value to mobile operators and roaming users alike. We are grateful to the World Brand Congress for this recognition of our contribution in the mobility space.”

Dave Porter, Global Chairman, World Brand Congress commented, “Roamware’s outstanding track record of innovation sets them apart as leading innovators and influencers of business at a global scale across industry verticals.”

Roamware, Inc. is the leading provider of roaming and mobile financial services solutions. The company is the global leader in mobile roaming solutions with an estimated 60 per cent market share of the voice and data roaming segments for GSM, 3G and CDMA technology platforms. (ANI)

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