Spectrum Human Resource Systems Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, May 4, 2009

hr-softwareWe had reviewed a number of HRM software - Attend HRM, Lawson HRM, UltiPro HRM, Orange HRM, and we continue with our efforts to study the most feasible HR solutions. This time we have picked one of out top 10 HRM software, Spectrum Human Resource Systems that was recently in news after its collaboration with Deltek,Inc. Spectrum Human Resource Systems has been an exclusive provider of software solution for HR management. The company has tied with Deltek to offer a industry-leading enterprise application and HRIS software to provide HR solutions for project-based  enterprises.  Spectrum Human Resource Systems offers an integrated web based HRIS that combines HR data, talent management, manager self-service, applicant tracking, succession planning, compensation administration, all-round performance reviews and more.  For a complete HRIS experience, Spectrum has deviced the iVantage 5.0, a flexible and customizable HRM solution.  Let’s have a thorough scan into Spectrum’s HR application to get a broader view.

Spectrum’s iVantage 5.0 is a powerful and flexible web-based HR system. This HR system has introduced a self-service phenomenon for HRM. It has enables the management as well as the employees to access their required data readily. This has allowed the HR professionals to indulge in self service with real–time information. Core functions of Spectrum’s iVantage includes absence tracking, performance management, applicant tracking, self-service, benefits administration, succession planing, time and attendance tracking, training and development, and advanced reporting.

Key Features

Let’s go through the key features of Spectrum’s iVantage

Basic HR information

iVantage holds complete core HR information . It keeps track of entire  employee data in different categories. The categories of data include Demographic data (personal information and emergency), Employment information (pay, loaction, unlimited status etc), qualification tracking(education, certificates, rewards, recognition and others), benefits( unlimited variety and different plans) and absents(employee leave absence plans and FMLA).

Absence & Time Tracking

Evidently, iVantage analyzes the absence patterns, makes employees accountable for time reporting, and manage absence plans. The HRIS manages the absences by maintaining and adjusting FMLA, organizing the accruals and routing the time off requests. It allows the managers to keep track of the staffing calendars. Further the employees can view FLMA balances through self-service.

Administration of Benefits

iVantage features a human capital management system that assists in managing the entire benefits portfolio. The portfolio is managed from a central area that enables accurate calculation of premiums. It automates and manages the open enrollment process. It also helps to maintain the timeliness for terminating former employee coverage. It provides benefit carriers accurate enrollment information and tracks the premium payments and employer/employee contributions.

Tracking Applicants

This is one of the basic HR functions for recruiting and retaining the right candidate. iVantage helps to streamline the requisition process by managing the incoming applications, tracking the qualification and certifications. iVantage HRIS enables posting of jobs through company’s website or Intranet. It tracks the entire applicant pool for candidates that matches the required qualifications for a given  position. Relevant data from the applicant system is automatically transfered to the employee system while hiring. Moreover the self-service iVantage enables the managers to submit requisitions for open positions in their departments.


The timesheets module is efficient. It track hourly, start–stop, or clock–in/clock–out, absences and paid time off for the employees. The employees can submit the timesheets via self-service.

Position Control and Budgeting

iVantages HRIS offers a framework for staff planing, human resoucrce development and budgetary controls. This module helps in facilitating human capital budgeting, headcount management and labor cost control. It generate critical staffing decision reports. Monitor and fill the open positions that affect the budget.

Performance Management


iVantage automates the performance management by providing timely and accurate employee performance appraisals. It notifies the managers with automated alerts on the performance review deadlines. It includes complete reviews of performance and salary changes simultaneously or independently. For more the HR managers can track the stage and status of the review.

Salary Survey

This tool analyzes and anticipates the salary levels that will keep the employees competitive. It also helps to compare the wages of the company to others in the marketplace.

Succession Planning

This is one of the unique features with Spectrum’s iVantage HRIS that enables selection of future leaders. It assigns jobs requirements to specific positions. The system also keeps a track of competencies, certifications, languages and completed classes. Set the goals to help the employees on the track to leadership positions.


Spectrum features admirable reporting tools that includes natural language query, metric-style reports and OLAP analysis. In addition it generates more than 250 parameterized standard reports. It generates tailored reports with Ad Hoc Reports. Some crucial reportings by  iVantage includes

  • Job postings, recruiting costs and expenses, including cost per hire.
  • Covering all aspects of benefits, coverage for employees and dependents, and notices (i.e., HIPPA).
  • Review dates, base pay distribution, and performance history
  • For more the reports can be exported easily to other programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel.


  • The self-service feature allows the users (managers and employees) to manage their own information and increase the efficiency.
  • The options for front end customization are pretty handy for creating simple and timely customization.
  • The database is flexible enough to allow system updates without over-writing prior customizations.
  • iVantage is developed on a .Net platform and SQL server 2008 and it integrates with most popular business applications.


With a number of industry-ready features Spectrum HRIS seems to have the potential to serve the HR needs of modern organization’s. in case you have something interesting to share about Spectrum’s HRM software, let us know.

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