State of comment spam

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Saturday, December 4, 2004

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Its kind of getting painful deleting “texas-holdem”, “debt-consolidation” emails by hand.
What wordpress needs is a bulk moderation folder where such emails can be automatically dumped and if un-moderated deleted after say 30 days.

However word filtering is just the tip of the iceberg. We need image and/or audio recognition to weed out scipted comment postings.

And an automated way to add the offenders websites to Lycos bomb would be icing on the cake. Interestingly the site seems to be down now.
Anyone has any update?

The idea is simply too good, there just needs to be a better plan.

March 11, 2005: 5:43 pm

Bye bye comment spam!

Finally I took the step to get rid of comment spam without time consuming moderation, which I have been doing so far.

My quest first started with a simple solution - moderation of all comments.

Recently I started getting over 600 spams daily! Thi…

December 7, 2004: 6:28 am

I agree. I also heard that it (changing the name of the wp-comments-post.php file) has been rather successful in combating spam. However as you know it is clearly a stopgap solution. I can easily cook up a spam script in 15 minutes which browses links from the front page and then submits the form, as a human would, from the child (post) page. As stupid as their script is now they can easily adapt to this new restraint. And as our experience with email spam has shown they are very resourceful.

December 7, 2004: 4:23 am

One way to drastically reduce the level of comment spam is to move the comment-posting URL. A lot of spammers just use a script that blindly posts to “wp-comments-post.php”.

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