Top 10 Free Cloud Infrastructure Software

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Friday, July 23, 2010

KOLKATA, INDIA ( — Cloud computing is at its best in 2010. It has emerged as the next level of computation. Cloud computing has set trends all over the world. The Mammoths in the industry are all providing clouds for services today. According to Gartner senior analyst Ben Pring, “It’s become the phrase du jour.” With clouds all around us it is getting difficult for which one to choose among vivid selections.

1. Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a cloud based platform. It enables us to run web applications on Google’s architecture. Google App Engine comes free of cost.


  • Up to 500 MB of storage
  • CPU usage that is enough to serve about 5 million page views a month.
  • Centralized administration: This is a company-focused administration console that allows users to manage all the applications in domain
  • Reliability and support: 99.9% uptime service level agreement, with premium developer support available
  • Enterprise features: Coming later this year - hosted SQL databases, SSL on your company’s domain for secure communications, and access to advanced Google services.

The service is free of charge for up to 500MB of disk storage, 10GB incoming bandwidth per day, 10 GB outgoing bandwidth per day, 200 million megacycles of CPU per day and 2000 emails per day.

On exceeding the mentioned quotas of usage by the application, Google offers consumption-based pricing. Python is the keyword for Google App Engine toolkit. Applications must be implemented in Python programming language. The runtime environment includes the full Python language and most of the Python standard library.


Alexa Rank: 1
Google page rank: 7

2. from is the cloud platform provided by In this platform, cloud applications can be created to integrate with the main Salesforce application and are hosted on the infrastructure. In order to be able to use the cloud platform, an account needs to be created.
Salesforce offers different account types. To create an account you need to get hold of the registration form or visit the registration page.

  • Provides CRM solutions based upon the SaaS model.
  • Back-end: User interfaces can be built using VisualForce, an XML-like syntax for building user interfaces in HTML, AJAX, of Flex.
  • Front-end: Applications need to be built using the Apex programming language, which is a salesforce-proprietary Java-like programming language.


The developer edition account is free of charge. For this edition, there are daily usage limits, being bandwidth (500MB/day) and instance-usage (10mins/day) limits. Furthermore, with the free developer edition account, only one application can be created.


Alexa rank: 315
Google Page rank:5

3. Windows Azure

The Microsoft Azure Services platform is a cloud platform hosted in Microsoft data centers. It provides an operating system and a set of .NET based developer services.

Azure Services Platform is currently in CTP (Community Technology Preview) status. We need to set up user accounts to access services provided by Azure. Accounts can be created on the Azure Services registration page.

For applications designed for the Azure Services Platform, developers must use the Microsoft .NET framework (C# is highly recommended) and Microsoft Visual Studio.
Azure services use industry standard SOAP, REST and XML protocols.
Developers can also use Azure services to connect to an existing application that runs on a PC or a server to give on-premises software cloud capabilities.
The services are operating system and programming language independent.

Windows Azure - Currently free
Live Services - Currently free
Microsoft SQL Services - Currently free
Microsoft .NET Services - Currently free


Alexa rank: 19
Page rank: 7

4. is a Cloud based personal finance tool, to manage your money. It was launched in September 2007. It has received 30+ prestigious web awards from CNN Money, Time, Business Week, PC Mag etc.
To enjoy its services you just have to create an account. You can do that easily by accessing the registration page.


  • Access to all your bank accounts.
  • Access to Credit Card.
  • Information regarding Loan and processing of Loan.
  • Stock Brokerage.
  • Other Investment.
  • Access all your balances and transactions together on the web or on your iPhone.

Services are free at present.


Alexa rank: 2381
Google Page rank:

5. iCloud

iCloud is more of a live operating system. It will offer you a cutting edge virtual desktop. Registration is real easy and comes free of cost. You will be provided with login related information and you are all set to have fun.


  1. Online storage,Photos, Music, Movies, Application development, Calendar, Mail, Media Player, Word Processors etc.
  2. Offers a platform for web developers (Platform as a service, PaaS).


It provides both Free and Paid User Accounts


Alexa rank:
Google page rank:

6. Panda Cloud AntiVirus

Panda gives you the very first antivirus in cloud computing industry. It comes for free and is one real simple way to your security. It not only provides you security when you are online but also protects you when you are offline.


  1. Automatic update.
  2. Local cache that keeps the program up and running, continuously working at 100%.
  3. Protected even when off-line.
  4. Web filtering, E-mail filtering
  5. Firewall
  6. Advanced configuration


Service are for Free


Alexa rank: private
Google page rank: private

7. Xtreem Storage Server (XS2)

XS2 is a storage solution for Cloud Computing based on the XtreemOS European project and
on the XtreemFS filesystem. ES2 provides POSIX APIs to GNU/Linux and Windows server and thus does not require any change to existing applications. Transparent Infinite Storage XS@ provides truly distributed file system that runs across multiple servers. It can be easily scaled by adding new machines.


  • Online Backup
  • Very Large Shared Archives
  • Wide Area File Distribution
  • Global Corporate Shared Filesystem
  • Access files with the aggregated bandwidth of multiple storage servers by means of striping.
  • X.509 based authentication and encryption support
  • Off-site replication and support for wide area networks.

XS2 is Free as in Beer and Free as in Freedom.
All source code is provided under Free Software

8. TioLive OEM Platform (TOP)

TOP is based on ERP5, an acclaimed open source ERP, CRM, KM and Web based development framework which supports advanced design patterns of Cloud Computing. ERP5 can be skinned to mimic any Web layout of any business application. Development can be achieved interactively through Web based wizards. Applications are then brought to the
market in the form of SaaS with minimal effort.


  • Corporate PaaS, Private PaaS
  • Custom SaaS (ERP, CRM, KM, e-business)
  • Vertical SaaS (ERP, CRM, KM, e-business)
  • Extremely Fast Development Cycle
  • Built-in SaaS Configurator
  • Built-in CRM for client support and billing
  • More than 100 business applications
  • Extensive Documentation

All services listed by TOP are free to be licensed


Alexa rank: private
Google page rank: private

9. VMware

VMware is another mammoth in the industry. It provides quality service. It offers both public and private clouds. Though it mostly provides paid services, there are some free services also.


  • Cloud Service Providers (CSP) providing IaaS.
  • Migration of applications to public clouds.
  • Freedom of Open Standards.
  • Interoperability of applications.


Evaluation is Free.
Pricing is as per services.


Alexa rank: 2,972
Google Page rank: 6

10. Rackspace

Rackspace is the second best cloud based service provider after amazon. Though most services come at really high costs, some are up for free. You can also use the trial versions of Rackspace which have valid duration ranging 14-30 days.


Mobile E-mail Services, Hosted E-mail Services. Apart from these it also provides, servers, storage etc.


Services are up for free for a limited trial. Then you have to pay as per services.


Alexa rank: 3, 722
Google page rank: 7

Atlast, we are through the brain-storming session with a handful of probable choices. These can all really serve you well, unless you expect too much. Well, why not start off with these free services for an experimental tour of the world of clouds. Don’t forget to report to me, on any issues (good or bad) faced.

Note: This listing is done based on the free cloud infrastructure softwares. Thus, Amazon, 3Tera, GoGrid, IBM and other mammoths in the industry have not been listed because they charge a ransom for their services.


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