Wikipedia for iPhone: Official!

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

wikipedia-iphoneVoila! long awaited iPhone application from Wikipedia is finally off the curtains. Well, until now you could access Wikipedia on its mobile website - Now you can avail the free app by Wikipedia Foundation in the App Store. Just because its a new app you need not pounce on it. Wikipedia’s official mobile app offers nothing beyond the what you get from Wikipedia mobile website. Frankly, it seems like a polished and spruced up version of mobile Wikipedia site, but with a different touch.

What remains is that the iPhone app is your simplest and straightest way to access Wikipedia. According to WIkipedia Foundation the focus lies on being very simple and very fast. What’s more, since the app is entirely community-build and an open-source app, rare for iTunes, you would have more people to contributing to the face-lift.

For the time being you’ll just have a convenient app to access Wikipedia articles in iPhone-format. It offers you any required information; loads images quickly; and it’s easy to read. For the whims and fancies you’ll have features to save favorite pages, edit pages or even browse tables of content. All these makes it better option than other Wikipedia apps like Wikipanion.  There’d be much more to add to the party, once the strong community  starts responding.

Now if your the one who requires to consult Wikipedia too often, it’s a great app to have on your iPhone without spending a cent.


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