Top 10 Hosted CRM Services

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Saturday, October 10, 2009

crm-solutionsHosted CRM or on-demand CRM or web based CRM service provides a simpler, faster and cost-effective customer relationship management services for businesses. Hosted CRM services are designed to streamline and automate the customer interactions are manage touch-points.  In hosted Customer Relationship Management, hardware and software component are provided and maintained by third party hosting provider at remote site. It is an easier and affordable solution for customer relationship for businesses with IT and budget constraints. The hosting service also stores all customer related data. Hosted CRM applications are run on a standard web browser. There are scores of hosted CRM services out there, which makes the choice difficult for most businesses. We had already done with the top CRM software, this time we decided to go for an extensive research to queue up the top 10 hosted CRM services for your convenience.



This hosted CRM software solution offers comprehensive feature set with customization tools. The CRM software allows companies to manage all the key operations in a single integrates system that include accounting/Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP), Customer Relationship Management, and Ecommerce. NetSuite is an on demand service with all in one front and back office solution that makes it a comprehensive package. One of the unique features in NETSUITE is the real-time analytics dashboard the provides easy to view role specific business information that is always up-to-date. NetSuite offers hosted CRM software for both small to medium businesses.


2. Sage

sage_green offers CRM solution to enhance the power and convenience of web for marketing, sales and customer care tools that are needed for marketing and selling industry leading service.  The web based set up has an intuitive interface and settled. The CRM solution helps reduce sales marketing and administration costs. Sage’s sales automation and sales management software allows full control of the sales pipeline with sales automation and sales management software solutions. SageCRM software offers effective management, forecasting and reporting on all phases of the sales cycle. The CRM software also provides tools for managing and analyzing all the current and historical account details and activities. In addition,  management of multiple accounts and opportunities. It automatically distributes leads to sales professionals around the world. The marketing automation and campaign management software allows control of marketing dollars by automating and tracking every marketing campaign that includes one-time email communication to multi-faceted marketing programs. The customer support automation software provides critical information for building and supporting long-term customer satisfaction. For enhancing customer support the software enables faster access to service request, call and escalation history, interactions, multiple and support cases, email and documents.


3. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services is Microsoft’s online CRM that enhances the customer service capabilities. It can respond faster to customer service issues and empower the service organization to anticipate, address and deliver efficient customer care that contributes to long-term business profitability. Further, the web based service helps businesses to improve sharing of information among staff, the marketing and sales. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can automate workflow and provide analytics that helps to fillip the productivity of business.The main features of Microsoft Dynamics include marketing, sales, and service.  It offers different plans for professional, advanced and enterprise level businesses.


4. Salesforce

sf-logo combines the best of business processes and technology to provide powerful hosted CRM services. The CRM service features a cloud-computing model that allows customers relationship management and budgeting at the same time. features an array of CRM and business application services that allow customers and subscribers to systematically record, store and act upon business data. It helps in businesses in managing accounts, tracking sales leads, evaluating marketing campaign and postsales service.
Saleforce’s software services are available in three editions enterprise, professional and team. They also offer consulting, implementation services and training.

5. Aplicor


Aplicor focuses on the mid-market, global and large organizations. The CRM software offers Sales Force Automation (SFA), Marketing Automation, Customer Support and Partner Relation Management (PRM). Aplicor provides additional services with marketing effectiveness, increase sales win rates, grow customer share and decrease customer. The on-demand application software and ERP software application

The core strength of the product integrated front-to-back office CRM and ERP suite. The applications can be customized according to the specific objectives and process.  workflow creation for business process information. Aplicor is more compatible hosted solution for mid-market and enterprise organizations looking for better functionality and highly configurable applications.


6. Epicor


Epicor CRM service allows effective management of entire customer lifecycle. It Epicor CRM. Epicor manages everything from prospect to cash to care effectively. It provides modules to  improve operational efficiency and accelerate internal and external growth.  The core modules of Epicor include Contact Management, Marketing Management, Campaign Connect, Lead and Opportunity Management, Case Management, Sales Connect and Mobile Connect.

Comprehensive contact management allows you to keep in touch with customers and prospects easy by promoting responses and proactive communication. Contact management enhances the customer service by documenting and sharing customer communication with entire organization. It also helps in managing contact interactions through task management. Epicor CRM Marketing Management allows marketing campaigns to target market and improve communications. The marketing tools helps in identifying the targets and capturing highly qualified leads and perform cost/benefit and return on investment (ROI) analysis on promotional activities.


7. SalesNexus

Companies running on budget can opt for this hosted CRM service. The CRM service has been designed to fit all sizes of organization ranging from 5 to 5000 people. It is a fully customizable and scalable CRM service that can fit to the customer needs.SalesNexus is a complete online contact management solution for organizations that want to share information online to offer efficient and automated service. Some of key features of SalesNexus CRM software include

  • Effortless sharing of information
  • Create/store sales and marketing information such as proposals, estimates, quotes, and sales sheets
  • Email integration/support
  • Automated email marketing campaigns
  • Mobile Phone Integration and support


8. eSalesTrack

esalestrack_logoIt is a hosted CRM service provides tools for streamlining daily sales, marketing and customer support business processes while allowing each group to collaborate more efficiently. The CRM service offers a wide range of functionality and features at the lowest prices. eSalesTrack allows customization to create perfect custom dashboards, forms and detail pages to show the information that is required on that page. It is fully user-centric with a simple and intuitive interface and user-friendly applications. The CRM service comes with collaborative tools like a complete email platform, integrated audio/video conferencing and unique tools such as Funnel Manager. eSalesTrack allows organizations to manage and report on any aspect of their customer relationship on granular level.


9. Soffront


The CRM software is completely focused on providing CRM solutions to mid-sized companies. Soffront CRM has emerged as an end-to-end CRM solution enclosing sales, marketing, service and knowledge management. It offers more adaptability and customization than any mid-market provider. The Soffront solution is completely web based CRM service that offers the following features

  • Marketing automation
  • Customer support
  • Sales Automation
  • Employee Support
  • Knowledge Management
  • Asset Management
  • Mobile CRM
  • Defect tracking
  • CRM portal


10.  InterScape


The CRM service provides effective customer relationship management solution for small and medium businesses. It provides tools for managing sales team and gives them the resources required to convert more prospects to customers called FLIP. It is a perfect sales client that combines prospecting, marketing, resources, customers, orders, documents, instant chat and other functions. FLIP CRM provides a well-knit mechanism for managing current and prospective customers onliine. It also supports online efforts of the sales team in specific markets with the zip-code-specific information.   The key features of FLIP include

  • Prospect Management
  • Contact Management
  • Documentation Management
  • Customer Management
  • Communication tools
  • Calender tools


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