Top 6 iPhone Apps for Travelers

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Often I have heard people asking, how far could the iPhone help me in anything. Well, rest assured iPhone has enough of those travel apps to guide the avid travelers. When you are out on those long trips with your gal, the iPhone can play the navigator.  Not just this, with the travel apps you’ll know about all the stops for cheap fuel, best hotel, best local eats, flight updates and much more. To make things easier for you I picked up six most viable travel apps for your iPhone.

Here are the travel apps that can make your iPhone a perfect travel-companion.

1. Around Me and Yelp: Info on Location

Around Me is real quick and includes a well organized category page. Just sort out from the list the type of service you were looking for and which is the nearest. It’s more convenient as you don’t require to do the manual searching. Further you can change it from current location based to search location based. Given these, the shortcoming with Around Me is that it offers no user generated items. There are no reviews of the destinations or photos.

Yelp overcomes a lot of what Around Me lags behind. Yelp includes everything what Around Me has and adds more. With it you can access many categories as well as specific sub categories. The reviews and user uploaded images makes the app a better homerun.  The most convenient feature is that it narrows down your search area to little blocks.

2. Google Maps: Navigation App

It’s a precise and immaculate navigation apps to help you out with directions. This one is a very popular app that comes preinstalled in iPhone. Most of the location based iPhone apps makes use of this app for location display. It allows real time positioning and offers a itinerary type direction list. For more convenience you have different modes like the public transportation mode, pedestrian mode, and satellite views (which can be helpful with landmarks). Still what you need to know is that in case you are locating small businesses destinations, the address list is set according to the registered address of the company and not the exact location.

3. Cheap Gas!: Cheap Fuel and Gas Finder

When you have set out for journey finding cheap fuel is crucial. For this the Cheap Gas! powered by let’s you the address of the cheapest fuel closest to your current location by default. In case you are looking for the nearest gas station you can configure the app for that. It’ll also shows you the price of each grade of gas. Further you can also adjust the Distance criteria and filtering. With its source as gasbuddy there are little doubt to it’s credibility.

4. Find the Best Hotel

The app is actually a portal to the It starts working better when you are near your destination. The app offers an upbeat design. The Hotels gets listed according to the location.  The entries highlight customer rating, distance from location, base pricing, pictures, description, amenities, and more. This app comes handy, especially while you are on the road and looking for hotels. It’ll help you choose a hotel providing you with the stats of the nearby places.

5. Flight Update

If you are one of those globe-trotters who has to fly too frequently this app is your key. Not just time info with this app you get the gate info and all other infos you need for flying. Having said this you should know that it gives you the actual timings, but you must look for the details for actual delays. It’s itinerary functions are very helpful for multi-leg trips. This is a great pick when you are looking for similar flights in a jiffy. I guess the airline employees would love to have the Flight Updates in their iPhones.

6. Urbanspoon

Most of these travel apps are designed for the major areas. Now that is no more the story. The new apps extend even to every exciting place even if it is situated in your neighbor. Urbanspoon starts by finding your general location and then proceeds to choose the food type and price range. When you choices roll out, lock the your choice by shaking  the phone or pressing the shake button. Further you have criteria like neighborhood, types of food, delivery options, and top rated that lets you towards mouth-watering delicacies. For more get the reviews, contact numbers, and directions through the Google maps. Enjoy the party.

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