Twitter Brings out its Latest Look and Feel

By Chandrajit, Gaea News Network
Thursday, September 16, 2010

New York ( — The unique Social Networking Website Twitter has launched a new look and feel. Although, the recent changes in Twitter have disappointed the majority of users, this new look and feel from Twitter seems to turn the table. A full redesign of Twitter has been made.

The new Twitter shows off something like a futuristic app. Twitter is swaying away from its humble stream of updates. It has been seen that most users equally love new looks, until and unless it changes the way you interact. The new design has not been launched yet but it will be launched soon. Keep yourself logged in to your Twitter account via the Web to keep yourself updated about the #newtwitter .

Talking about the recent changes, Twitter has already disappointed most developers and Twitter app programmers by changing their API. The recent change in Twitter’s API caused more then 50 K Twitter based apps to be upgraded. Moreover, the changes have not been able to tweak the end results. Instead, security for the apps accessing Twitter has been reduced based on the new “Read and Write” feature that Twitter has integrated into its new API.

So, what’s more? Log into your Twitter account. It may have given you the new look and feel by now.

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