Verizon iPhone: Finally Arriving?

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO ( The speculation of Verizon Wireless finally selling Apple iPhone never dies down and every now and then people keep hearing that it will be launched soon. However, till now rival AT&T has managed to continue its hold as the exclusive carrier of iPhone. Things have not changed even after the launch of the latest iPhone 4. However, a source close to Verizon has said that the Verizon iPhone will finally start shipping in next year. However, neither Apple nor Verizon have confirmed the news officially.

The iPhone is a brilliant smart phone and its all versions have sold like hot cakes ever since they have hit the stores. However, the US users of iPhone have always grudged about the shoddy 3G coverage of the carrier resulting in call drops and data transmission hiccups. Verizon Wireless on the other hand has always impressed its customers with its wider coverage and better service. Apple is also aware of this issue and it may opt for a change in carrier for its flagship product.

Verizon iPhone may become a reality but it is too early to say if it is confirmed news or a rumor. Recently the company has announced that it will focus on the two new Droid phones made by Motorola. The new Summer of Droid campaign adopted by the company also points to its attention on the android based phones rather than the iPhone. As of now it is focusing on setting up a powerful and robust fourth-generation network. Apple however may opt for Verizon to trounce rivals like Rim and Motorola who are releasing phones with the carrier for years.

June 30, 2010: 2:48 pm

iPhone’s exclusiveness to AT&T is a good thing for the market, it’s the reason why Android phones have gotten so good, because the other cell providers were itching to sell a better phone than the iPhone.

Look how there’s a new “best Android ever” phone out every 3-6 months, that wouldn’t happen if everybody wasn’t trying to compete with the iPhone.

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